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Origin: UK / Age: 8 Years

This very handsome fella is Oscar, he has just turned 8 years of age and is looking for a new home where he has company with someone who can catch his ball when he throws it at you ready for you to throw it again for him 😂 if you can’t catch that’s fine because if you show him your empty hands he will nicely place the ball in your hand ready for you to throw for him.
Oscar has been staying in kennels while being assessed and had been very good, he happily watches all the dogs coming in and out for their exercise with no reaction, he’s been quiet and clean and hasn’t destroyed his comfy bedding, he also comes when he’s called.
However if he’s left with his rubber ball he will destroy it, so his balls are taken away when he goes back inside.
He’s been fine meeting other dogs and can seem quite aloof with them, he has been living with a female so we don’t know how he would react left home alone without canine company, so this would need to be built up. But as long as he has someone to throw his ball he seems very happy, he also enjoys having lots of fuss and attention and eating all the meals and treats he’s been offered. He walks fine on a lead and if he does pull with a correction he will concentrate again in a controlled environment.
We don’t know much about his history so we won’t be Rehoming him to children under senior school age.
We don’t know what he would be like with a cat so we wouldn’t want to risk an incident so will rehome him to a cat free home.
We can’t say how he would react around horses, livestock etc. so careful introductions would be necessary.
We do know that he has been used to having someone spending time playing with him and being affectionate to him because he very much enjoys all the fuss.
Oscar is currently in Goole in Easy Yorkshire and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract, if you feel you can give this sweet boy his happy ever after please contact us.
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