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Origin: Turkey / Age: 16 Months

Ozzy is a gorgeous 16-month old pointer cross boy who is looking for his forever home.
He was rescued by a very kind couple, who hoped he could fit in with their lives in the UK. Sadly, that hasn’t worked out. They don’t have rescue back up with a group because they helped him independently, so we’ve agreed to help them find him a great home.

Here’s what they say about him …. We found Ozzy in Turkey last October, living as a street dog in Salikent Gorge, which is a tourist attraction. He was in a sorry state with an infected ear, bites and sores on his body, and he was skin and bone. It was coming to the end of the season and we knew if we didn’t help him he probably wouldn’t make it through winter.
We managed with the help some locals who helped ex-pats with feeding and rehoming strays, to find a foster home for him. He ended up with a lovely lady called Jeannie, who’s also know as the cat lady of Marmaris, taking care of him, sorting out his paperwork and completing his vet work for travel.
We knew our lives were probably too busy for a dog as my husband works away 2 weeks out of 5, and I work 4 days full time, but we hoped my 23 year old son and my dad could help until he settled in. Unfortunately, Ozzy has taken a dislike to my son who is Autistic and can be quite loud and intimidating, unintentionally. With Ozzy being a street dog he can be very anxious around loud noises and has come to associate my son as a threat. He barks at him and my son is unwilling to work with us to fix the issue. We have an open plan downstairs and have had to separate rooms off with stair gates so Ozzy feels safe and my son can move around freely.

He is also too bouncy and playful for my dad as he’s still very puppy like and jumps up when excited. Ozzy is very protective of the house and is uncomfortable with visitors “invading” his space. He needs a home where he can have a separate space, such as a utility area, where he feels comfortable. He has his crate, which he loves, but it is in the front hall, so not ideal for visitors. He will need slow introductions to any friends and family visitors, as he can become stressed and reactive to new people. He will do anything for a treat and is doing well with clicker training.
We have been working with a dog trainer who is happy to chat to any potential new owners about Ozzy’s ongoing training. It would be good if all members of his new family feed Ozzy and help to walk him so he understands that everyone is a provider to him and not competition for resources. Ozzy can resource guard high value treats such as pigs ears, so we tend to give him these treats in his crate so he feels comfortable and can relax without fear someone will steal his treat.
I’ve worked on getting him to stay when I open the car door. I say “look” for him to make eye contact then I click, give him a treat and tell him he can jump out. I do the same at the front door when leaving for walks.
We have a small flagged garden. Ozzy loves to run and explore grassed and tree areas for hours, but unfortunately our garden isn’t what he needs. Outside Ozzy walks well on a front clipped harness. He loves pale coloured dogs, especially Golden Retrievers, but can be reactive to black dogs and Collies. He played with a friend’s Rottweiler nicely. He did live with other dogs while in foster but I’m uncertain how he would be sharing inside space with another dog.

I was told by his foster he can play relentlessly with other dogs and doesn’t take cues from them when they’ve had enough. Ozzy isn’t a water dog but will get his feet wet. He has only been off lead in a dog park as his recall isn’t good.
Ozzy is great in the car. He has a clip on his harness and likes to rest his chin on your shoulder as you drive. He’s happy to be left in the car and will settle down and go to sleep. We have a backseat dog hammock with a furry dog bed, which he will sleep on for hours.
Ozzy has two dog walkers who come in to the house to take him out. He can be over excitable and bouncy to see them, but with the clicker and the lure of treats he will listen. He is currently living with a non-reactive elderly cat, but I feel if any cat showed aggression to Ozzy he would become scared and reactive, which would make things difficult. He growls at cats outside and will chase cats when outside.
Ozzy loves a heated blanket and loves to snuggle on the sofa with you at the end of the day.
Other information- Ozzy has been left alone for about 4 hours. He will chew soft things, bedding, slippers etc if he’s left too long. Ozzy is a dainty 23kg. He is currently fed a mix of dry and wet foot twice a day. He is house trained.
Given his nervousness with loud noises and visitors, we feel Ozzy would suit a calm home where he can carry on with the training he’s already started. He may be able to live with older children, depending on space and management capacity. He could live with a laid back cat possibly. He’d suit being an only dog, though may be able to join a settled, patient dog.
He is currently in Perthshire.
If you feel you could give this lovely boy his forever home please email us at Ozzy will be rehomed under our adoption contract terms and conditions and with five weeks free Agria insurance.