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Origin: UK / Age: 7 Years

Quinn is a stunning 7year old lad who is looking for his lovely new home. He is very much loved by his family but with a change in personal circumstances, they feel they just can’t give him what he needs and deserves and have made the heartbreaking decision to rehome him.
He has been with them since he was a puppy and another dog joined them a few years ago. The boys got on great initially but started to have a few disagreements. It was difficult for the family to separate the boys effectively and with young children in the home, they were worried about one of them or the dogs getting injured. Eventually the family decided to rehome the other dog, and hoped that they could find the time to give Quinn his great life.
Sadly, things are still too busy, and they feel he doesn’t get the time he deserves.

Before the pandemic, Quinn was used to about 2 hours of exercise a day but he doesn’t get as much time spent on him now.
Snuggling next to anyone who is sitting down is one of Quinn’s favourite things! He loves a comfy sofa but will get off if asked. He sleeps in his basket in his owners’ bedroom and has the run of the house largely when they are out. He can be left for 3 – 4 hours after a good walk, though looks worried at first.

Quinn is not keen on other entire males since being attacked a few times when he’s been on lead. This has not made him reactive at all and he’ll happily walk by other dogs, even if they are reacting to him. But his mum tends to keep a distance from other dogs now. He likes any female dogs and will happily play for a minute or two, and then carry on minding his own business. He would suit a home where he is the only dog and we may consider a home with a confident, sociable female.

Quinn has good recall, unless he's picked up the scent of something. His mum has worked really hard with him and 9/10 times can recall him before he takes off by mentioning the word 'ball'. He loves a ball – and he will do anything for it! He chews them though, so spares are needed! He doesn’t have a ball indoors- they are reserved for walks only as it makes them extra special. He is walked in a Perfect Fit harness with double ended lead. He travels well by car - he whines initially and then settles.

Quinn was fed grain free kibble but has more recently been on a raw diet. If he has a bone he’ll gladly swap it with you for a cocktail sausage or two! He’ll only drink fresh water - he’ll scratch at the bowl to let you know he needs clean water! Quinn will counter surf if given the chance. He likes to stand with his head on the dining table at dinner time but will not take anything off your plate. Quinn will play with toys, though he likes to destroy them generally.

Quinn loves children and has been brought up with them (from 8 year olds and older). His owners think it’s best to avoid very young children though, as he is a big boy and still very bouncy.
Quinn will chase cats, so a cat free home is essential. Quinn has dispatched a muntjac and will chase one if he sees/smells one! He has also dispatched water fowl on a few occasions, yet he is not bothered by squirrels or rabbits. He’s met cattle through a fence - he is generally not bothered by them and, if anything he's a little scared of them. He’s never met sheep so his reaction is unknown.

Quinn will bark at the doorbell but other than that he is a quiet boy and may occasionally let you know that someone is approaching the house. He hates Sellotape or anything sticky on packaging and also hates the ironing board. He’s not keen if laid on and will give a grumble to let you know. He wasn’t bothered by fireworks until the rescue boy, who was terrified of them, joined the family, and now he is too.
If you feel you could offer this gorgeous, loving, quirky lad a wonderful home please email us on Even if you are already registered with us, please get in touch.
Quinn is currently near Waltham Abbey and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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