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Origin: Romania / Age: 16 Months

Remi is a beautiful 16 month old GSP who’s owners have had to make the very sad decision to find her a new home due to a change in their circumstances and due to ill health, recently they haven’t been able to give her the time and exercise that they know she loves.

Remi was bred by family members of her first owners in Romania and travelled to the UK to these owners. She was with then sold to her current family because they couldn’t take care of her needs or training.
In this family Remi has loved the company of the children 9 and 14 years, she and the 9 year old are very close and described as besotted with each other. They are often found cuddled up together. Remi does love to climb on top of you and snuggle in, it’s one of her favourite things. Remi is wonderful with all children, very playful and loving.

She does suffer with separation anxiety and because of this we will be looking for a home with another dog/dogs or someone who is around all of the time so that she can have the company she loves. She gets very anxious and stressed when left and barks non stop if by herself, she’s better with Jasper for company and Classical FM radio playing, then she can be left for a few hours after exercise.

She loves other dogs and wants to play with them all, although she had little to no socialisation other than Jasper. She can pull or bark at other dogs on walks and tries to get near to them to play. She’s strong on lead and her owners use a figure of eight after trying a slip lead, Halti and forward attached harness but she still pulls they say.
She responds well to commands like sit, paw, down etc but her recall with distractions can be non existent on times, which is why her family hire a secure a field to let her run off steam, she will respond to a whistle in the field. She’s a very fast runner and loves to run, which could make her a great Canicross partner because she’s already started running in a Canicross harness and absolutely loved it.

Another thing Remi loves is curling up with her blanket in her crate which is like a den to her.
Remi is vaccinated and a good traveller, when she needs to go out to the loo she goes to the back door and whines to make sure you know what she needs.
She hasn’t been neutered yet and she will need this surgery as part of our adoption contract and we will help with this.

She hasn’t had any interactions with cats except for the neighbours who sits on the wall and taunts her. With livestock she again hasn’t had any contact so careful introductions would be advised.

Remi is currently in the Surrey area and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you feel you can offer this very cuddly, loving girl the exercise and ongoing training that she needs please contact us.
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