GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 7 Years

Gorgeous Sadie has been in foster with us for just over two months, she came from a lovely home that we placed her in, but she was struggling as an only dog after previously living with a male GSP.
When arriving here she settled in with Livvy instantly and a lot of the anxious behaviours that she had shown were no longer an issue. Livvy is a very calming influence that has really helped Sadie making them great friends and cuddle buddies. Sadie looks to Livvy for guidance on how to react to strangers and different environments if she is unsure, and follows Liv’s lead on what is acceptable behaviour.
Sadie is very ball focused and will play for hours with anyone who she can persuade to join in, she can be very persistent.
She’s been wonderful on walks and very responsive off lead.
She’s been great with any other dogs that we’ve met, only today she was snapped at by a small dog and bless her she just wagged and walked away.
Sadie loves to give her ball to strangers to play with and if there’s children near the river then she’s there until we almost have to drag her away 😂
Everyone falls in love with her and she gets lots of admiration daily on her looks and her behaviour 🥰
At home she’s met lots of tradesmen the last few weeks and will greet them with a bark, we’ve realised that if she has something like a toy or a ball to carry and offer them, then she makes friends instantly with them all.
In her previous home Sadie had shown signs of guarding her people, we have only seen this once and it was when I was sat on the dogs sofa and Sadie was next to me when a tradesman came towards us and passed me his mug. Sadie stood over me and gave him a real growl, she clearly told him to back away. He has had pointers himself and had been playing with her earlier so wasn’t a bit put off, but that action of him stood over me was not acceptable for Sadie.
Minutes later she went over to him for belly tickles and fuss and all was forgiven. We have tested this several times since with the same tradesman and he’s allowed right up to us and to stroke Sadie with no issues, so it seems like that was a one off.
Sadie has met up with lots of dogs for group walks and many have come back to our house for play dates and visits, she’s been amazing with them all, females and males. She doesn’t play with the other dogs but desperately wants to join in, she runs alongside them but panics a little when she’s part of a noisy game.
Sadie is a smaller GSP at 20kg and has just had her 7th birthday but she is very fit and active, even described as a busy little girl, especially when she’s working the fields, she’s really beautiful to watch.
She’s looking for an active home with another dog or two for company, she loves being stroked and cuddled but also enjoys curling up in the dogs bed next to Livvy.
She will bark at strange noises outside the home, but quickly stops when asked to, she also travels very well in the back of the car with Livvy and waits patiently to exit 🥰
If you feel you can offer this gorgeous girl her happy ever after then please contact us.
Sadie is currently in Abergavenny and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.💜🐾🐾