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Origin: UK / Age: 22 Months

Stanley is a very active and gorgeous 22 month old who we rehomed because his dad had made the heartbreaking decision that because he was working longer hours he couldn’t give Stanley the time that he had been used to, while he was working from home Stanley would whine while in another room until his owner gave him the attention that he wanted.
He was living with an under 5 year old child very happily and was very good with him even though he is 35kg and a big, tall boy who is playful and very boisterous.

He moved into his new home where it was hoped that he could be trained as a support dog, while still loving all his exercise, but it was sadly decided that he was too boisterous to start the training which takes around two and a half years.

Stanley very quickly learned to bark for attention and to stop him barking his owner would take him outside to play ball games or for a walk, which he absolutely loved.
Now the barking is an issue for the family because as soon as his dad comes home from his very early morning start Stanley starts to bark and won’t stop until he’s taken out for a walk, this can go on for hours.
We have suggested lots of brain games and enrichment training which Stanley is very quick to learn and absolutely loves, but the barking is still a problem because he starts again as soon as he stops the exercises and games.

Both owners say that he is a loving , wonderful boy and are very sad that he has to move again, because without the barking he is an amazing boy.
Out on his walks he’s very well socialised and great with other dogs and people he meets. He has a great recall and happily checks in with you, he loves to run and is a strong swimmer.
After a muddy walk Stanley happily takes himself into the shower and loves having the warm water and shampoo, which we all know most dogs hate. 😂

When Stanley has been left home alone the neighbours have said that they don’t hear a peep from him, when the family are home he gets very overstimulated watching traffic and people going past and will watch someone walking passed one window then darts upstairs to watch them out of a different window. This is something that he didn’t do in his previous home because he could only see his own garden. When he does calm down he’s a loving boy who loves sofa cuddles.

He does pull on lead and would benefit from a head collar, he travels well, Stanley is not yet neutered only being 22 months and this will be done in a few weeks time when he’s settled into a new home.
Stanley has shown no interest in sheep after being introduced to them at a very young age but he hasn’t met cattle so careful introductions would be needed, he has met cats and hasn’t been overly bothered with them but the cats that he’s met haven’t ran off, so we aren’t sure what he would do if they did run.
He’s great with children of all ages but if he is excited he can still jump up.

Stanley does have an intolerance to poultry so he is fed Burns sensitive Pork and Potato which he loves.
Stanley is currently in the Wiltshire area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our full Adoption Contract.
If you feel that you could offer gorgeous Stanley the active life that he loves and could work on his attention seeking please contact us. 💜
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