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Origin: UK / Age: 3 Years

Teal is around 3-4 years of age and is a beautiful girl who is kennelled alone but is happy to walk past the other dogs in her block, she ignores the other dogs and happily trots out to the run for her exercise. Clifton and Leona along with their son, have all walked Teal away from the kennels on times with Willow and other times by herself with no issues.
She appears to be a calm girl but can also be very excited and seem mad as a box of frogs
We don’t know how Teal would settle with another dog in the home but feel that she would be fine meeting other dogs out on walks, so she could be adapted as an only dog. We don’t know if she’s ever lived with children, although we have been told that she was bought then returned to the breeder, but we have no idea why or even if that is true. Teal did get very excited to be given a comfortable plastic bed with soft blankets and quickly and gratefully snuggled into them at the kennels, unlike the lads she seemed to recognise what a bed was for. She’s also been very clean from day one which is usually the sign that she has been toilet trained.
She travelled to the kennels in a DEFRA registered transporter and settled well. She’s seen cats at the kennels and hasn’t got too excited but we wouldn’t place her with a cat just in case. We would advise careful introductions to livestock because again her reactions are unknown.
This gorgeous girl is trying desperately to please, but she is going to need time and ongoing training to help her reach her full potential.
If you feel that you have time for this very sweet and excitable girl please contact us.
Teal is currently in Goole East Yorkshire at Clifton and Leona’s boarding kennels and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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