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Origin: UK / Age: 2 Years

This handsome, affectionate chap is 2 year old Vinnie, he was purchased as Vizsla but we believe him to be a GSP cross Vizsla. His current owners took Vinnie on 6 months ago, after a change in a family members circumstances that meant he was being left longer than anyone wanted.
Vinnie is currently living with a 9 year old Labrador and gets on very well with her, when retrieving sticks together he always lets her bring it back even if he was there first, but he is very energetic and needs much longer and more active walks than her. He can walk on the lead, but tends to pull a lot. He barks and is quite nervous in new situations being a covid pup he hasn’t had the same introductions to people and other dogs that he would normally have had. He is much more settled now and his barking has reduced in this home.
Vinnie is neutered, vaccinated until August 2023, he is a good boy at the vets and travels very well in the car seemingly enjoying any outings.
He lives in the house, usually snoozing in his bed, he is able to be left at home for a few hours with the lab and the radio on, he then gets really excited on their return.
Vinnie is better now with dogs coming into their house, he plays well with their lab and seems to enjoy other dogs company, they did have a young female Labrador visit and Vinnie barked initially then settled.
He can be handled to dry and wipe his feet and give him a 'once over' health check, in typical pointer fashion he is described as needy and loves to be with you.
When visitors arrive Vinnie will bark for a few minutes but then will settle down and enjoy their attention. He hasn't had many interactions with young children but has met their 3 year old and 18 month old nephews and was very good with them. He can also bark at unusual noises, but this issue is improving in this home. He is fed separately from the Labrador as he tries to steal her food which has shown on his waste-line. His owner lives in a rural area and Vinnie is usually walked off the lead, he does range but also regularly checks in by looking back to see where they are. However his owner does put him on the lead when he sees another dog as he is worried about what he will do and if Vinnie will bark. His recall is mostly good but can be distracted by a nice smell.
He has never met a cat so his behaviour is unknown. He is a good boy at the vets.
He hadn’t been introduced to livestock so his reactions are unknown and would need controlled meetings, he has met horses out on walks and his owner calls him back and puts him on lead to pass them.
If you feel you could offer this handsome youngster a loving and energetic home please contact us.
Vinnie is currently in the Inverness area, he will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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