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Origin: UK / Age: 3 Years

Stunning Wilson has just turned 3 years of age and has been returned to his experienced breeder, who we have been working closely with while she’s been assessing him.
Wilson is going to need an experienced home who can continue to work with him and will understand his needs.
Wilson’s breeder is currently working on his recall, car chasing and lead walking. In a short space of time, she has already seen some improvements but he would need continued training to continue his progress. Wilson is currently being walked on a Halti Harness. He is extremely treat focused, and very much enjoys being rewarded for his good behaviour. Therefore, a positive reward based approach would be best for him.
Wilson can resource guard, this could be his bed while he’s resting on it, something that he has found at home like a chew or a child’s toy, a smell that he’s sniffing, or his car if he’s sat in it and someone goes passed, he has also growled if he’s being cuddled on the sofa and his owner moves away. His body language changes and he will stiffen up, then gives a grumble then a growl and if he still feels like you aren’t backing off he has air snapped. He has bitten twice and we have been told that both times he had been unwell, once with a water infection while he was pushed to the floor by a visitor as he was jumping up and the second time while his owner was massaging his throat as he was reverse sneezing and she was stood astride him trying to help him. After both bites he was very remorseful instantly.
Wilson had been living with two children under 10 with no issues, they were always taught to stay away from his bed when he was sleeping on it and he had always been very good with them, but after he had bitten two adults, his owners decided that they couldn’t trust him, which is why he was returned to his breeder.
He does enjoy the company of other dogs and is used to being walked with both sexes and dogs of all ages. He is allowed off lead to play with the other dogs which he enjoys and sticks close to them while playing, but it has to be at a safe distance away from the road because he has no road sense and could chase the cars.
Wilson is strong on the lead and determined because if he wants to go and smell something then you are being pulled towards it too. His owner does use a Happy at Heel Ancol harness which she says really helps. They have tried head collars but say that he found them terrifying.
He can still jump up to greet visitors and when meeting people, this can be overwhelming for some especially nervous people, this doesn’t lead to aggression just unwanted attention. His breeder has had lots of visitors while he’s been back with them and they haven’t seen any of this behaviour. He does get very excited and jumps up when having his food prepared but shows no aggression just excitement for his meal, he hasn’t shown any guarding behaviour around his food, his food bowl or the other dogs food which is great.
Wilson responds to “This way” if he’s going in the wrong direction and will recall to “Come” if there’s no other dogs around to take his attention.
His owner says that he is a very loving and affectionate dog who follows her everywhere.
Wilson is neutered and vaccinated including kennel cough until March 2023. He is fed on kibble and tinned wet food. He has not been tested with cats but his owner believes that he would chase because he does chase small furies out on walks. Around livestock he can be excitable so is kept on lead when around cows and horses. He is quite a nervous traveller while in the back of the car and will stand very still and shake.
If you feel that you can offer this handsome lad an understanding home where he can reach his full potential please contact us.
Wilson is currently in the Gloucestershire area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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