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Ziggy & Cai

Origin: UK / Age: 11 years

We have been asked if we could look for a lovely home for Ziggy an 11 year old GSP and his house mate and best friend Cai the (possibly) 5-6year old collie. As a matter of urgency.
They have always been together and are a bonded pair, very sadly their lovely mum has had to make this heartbreaking decision to find them a new home because she is poorly and having surgery on Sunday. She has also been suffering with fatigue from her illness and hasn’t been able to walk the boys like she used to.
They have been her best friend and loyal companions throughout her illness and we hope that with our amazing followers that someone will take on these two smashing boys.
Ziggy was very shut down, wasn’t socialised and was very skinny when he arrived at his mums, she started training classes with him to socialise him and help with his training. He took to training classes so well they went right through from bronze, silver, gold and onto advanced, Ziggy loves pleasing and really enjoys his scent work. They went to classes for the next three years, It was hard work because he is a ‘dominant dog’ and needs an alpha person as our trainer noted. She also said he’s not a reactive dog and in the main that is true. However over covid when we all became insular he did bite an intruder who came onto our land uninvited despite dog warnings. He was definitely house guarding and although this has lessened, his mum would not fully trust him with the postie for example.

He is introduced to people quietly as he can become too boisterous. Only if they stare right at him will he grumble. His owner usually gives people treats to greet him these days, which he is happy with. Once sorted he’ll take toys to them, put his head on their laps and so on. He gets on well with men or women within the house and one has been a favourite walker but they’re no longer in touch with him because of the illness.
The boys love free running together but sadly their mum can’t take them now, which she feels guilty about.
Ziggy is basically an absolute poppet who does grumble to communicate at times. (His rare growls should they happen are very different) He also has the most amazing eye pointing skills, so if you ask what he wants, he’ll eye point to the door, bag of crisps, to the sofa etc etc! He’s not allowed on the sofa….well very occasionally cos he loves a cwtch especially if he can nuzzle under a blanket!
Ziggy & his Collie brother adore each other. Ironically Cai is a calm collie thanks to Ziggy! Ziggy was so calm, patient with him from the beginning. Cai perhaps enabled Ziggy to play more which was lovely to watch.
We don’t know much about Cai at the moment due to his mum’s hospitalisation but we know that Ziggy has helped bring him up and he’s very calm and biddable for a collie.
As soon as we have more information we can add it to the post.
Ziggy is currently in the Epsom area and the boys will both be rehomed with their 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you feel you could give these two best friends a life together and give their lovely mum the pleasure of knowing that they still had each other, please contact us.
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