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Origin: UK / Age: 8 Years

This beautiful girl is 8 year old Zulu, she has been living for several weeks with her current owners after the loss of her original owner. She settled in quickly and is adored by the family because of her affectionate personality, however Zulu is quite the escape artist and has proved that she is proficient at digging out underneath the stock fencing and they are worried that she will get hurt or cause an accident on a nearby busy road. She can also break the feather edge wood to dig under wooden sheds and to get through closed board fencing if left unsupervised in the garden or the owners dog field after the rabbits.
It is believed that she was used for pest or vermin control, because she catches rabbits and retrieves to your hand very effectively. She is also proud of her prize and is happy for the other dogs that she’s living with to check it out. She has a good level of training and recalls well to the whistle and responds to voice commands.
Zulu has been taken on holidays with the family and to pubs, cafés as well as the vets and behaved very well, they were very proud of her.
She will gently sniff strangers gently, almost like shes tickling them but wont bark or jump up or wag her tail. She is not afraid of fireworks and is not boisterous or exuberant. Generally she gives people space but doesnt act nervously or run away from people. Her current owner says that she can be aloof around strange people/dogs & is a very gentle quiet dog in a calm household. She will whine to go for a walk or to go out when she is bored or needs to toilet. She will gently nudge/nuzzle us to take her out.
Zulu hasn’t been neutered yet as she does have a history of phantom pregnancies, this prevented her owner neutering her (this will need to be done as part of our adoption contract, but we are happy to cover this cost.) She sucks her blankets while having a phantom pregnancy but doesn’t carry her toys or take them to her bed.
Zulu walks beautifully on a harness and long line, she loves sniffing around and is happy to walk like this for hours. She can take a long time to find the right spot to toilet. This can be time consuming so they allow her extra time to do so then say ‘good girl’ when she goes where we want her to & give her a treat.
After exercise she is happy to be left in her crate for up to 3 hours with no issues. She is crated in the kitchen overnight after an evening of cuddles on the sofa/on the beds whilst watching tv.
With other dogs out on a walk she is friendly but doesn’t necessarily need a companion as she needs more one on one supervision & she wont interact or play with other dogs if they approach her- this is typical of some working trained dogs.
Zulu won’t be rehomed with a cat or any small furies because it’s believed that she will catch and dispatch them.
She hasn’t met young children, except when in a cafe or while out on a walk that this owner is aware of, but she is fine around older children. She also travels really well either crated or behind a dog guard.
Zulu is currently in the Maidenhead area and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Aria insurance
If you could offer this very sweet, beautiful girl a loving, calm home with secure fencing please contact us.
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