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Origin: UK / Age: 19 Months

This very sweet, loving boy is Auzzie. He is 19 months old and is being re homed as a matter of urgency due to a change in his families circumstances.
Auzzie is very much loved and is a healthy very active pup.
However he can be a very nervous boy and gets scared easily. He does not like anything on wheels (prams, scooters, wheelie bins and most of all pull along suitcases. Auzzie also suffers with separation anxiety when left alone and he can become a little destructive and he chews every toy he has, he can also be nervous sometimes eating from his food bowl and he moves mouthfuls of food out of the bowl and eats it in a different place, his dad is not sure why he does this, even when moving the bowl to other places in the house the same happens.

Auzzie loves using his sense of smell to find his ball in the long grass at the park, his dad will fool him throwing it in different directions, when asked to “find it” or “where’s the ball” he will sniff it out and bring it back. Normally he will also find at least one other ball which isn’t his on walks.😂😂

Auzzie really enjoys the company of children and will happily play gently with them and spend time cuddling up to them, which is one of his favourite things.
When meeting new dogs he will freeze until they have approached him and he’s decided if he can trust them. If he can he’s happy to play chasing games with them. When not playing with other dogs he does enjoy chasing squirrels and rabbits.

If Auzzie rolls in something stinky, when he gets home if he’s told he needs a bath, he will happily climb into the bath by himself and wait to be bathed and dried 🥰
Auzzie is also used to going to doggy daycare several days a week with very often 30 other dogs. In daycare he enjoys scent work, ball game’s and other training activities with the others dogs and trainers.

Auzzie is vaccinated, neutered and has regular flea and worm treatments.
He’s currently fed Betty and Butch grain free large breed puppy food which he enjoys, his dads have been very keen to feed him healthy and natural snacks and treats.

He travels very well after looking out of the window he will curl up and sleep. He hasn’t lived with a cat but does pull towards them if he meets a cat while out on a walk, so it is unknown how he would be living with one. He hasn’t met livestock so his reactions again are unknown, with his sensitive personality he could be uncertain and nervous around them until he is introduced confidently to them.

This gorgeous and very cuddly boy is currently living in the London area, if you feel that you could offer him the active home with lots of training and cuddles that he’s looking for please contact us.
Auzzie will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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