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Origin: UK / Age: 4 years

After lots of planning and exchanging of information, and an initial meet and greet, Bailey has gone home to his new family. He has joined Aiva, who was rehomed with us in December. They are getting along brilliantly, so far :)
This very sweet, handsome boy is Bailey, he is 4 years of age and is being rehomed through no fault of his own.
When Bailey was just 6 months old he had canine gastropexy which is a surgical procedure performed most commonly in large breed dogs to prevent gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV), commonly known as bloat.
GDV is a life-threatening condition in which the stomach flips over and expands, trapping air and gases in the stomach. Since his surgery he eats certain foods to control this. He is settled on Purina HA food which is a soya based food, he can still sometimes still get gassy but he is now good at burping to release the trapped gas.
Being so ill at such a young age has left Bailey with low confidence which can make him anxious, when he is suffering with anxiety he can show signs of skin irritation and be prone to other allergies, bless him.

Bailey hasn't been tested around stock or cats so we are unable to say how he would behave.
He has always been fine around other dogs but recently he has had three incidents with lunging at other dogs, these incidents have all occurred very close to the home, so it's believed that he was home guarding. The most recent incident was right outside Baileys front door when it was opened just as the dog walked past. He lunged out of the front door at the dog and caused minor skin damage to the other dog.

The family who own Bailey have a 2 year old child and are expecting a new baby next year they have made this heartbreaking decision to rehome him because having the 2 year old around is proving stressful for Bailey and even though he's been very good with the little one, they think having another baby in the house is just going to be too much for this sensitive boy. So we will be looking for a less stressful environment where Bailey can build his confidence once again.

Bailey is a very loving boy who lives being part of the family and enjoys the company of his female Vizsla housemate. He can be left after exercise for several hours with her and is happy to go for walks with a dog walker.
Bailey is currently in the Cumbria area and will be rehomed with five weeks free insurance and our Rehoming Contract.
If you feel you can offer this sensitive boy a quieter home with lots of exercise, please message GSP Rescue UK Team.