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Origin: UK / Age: 4 years

Bentley is home! His foster family are now officially 'Failed Fosterers'!

This very precious boy is currently in a loving foster home after he was rescued from a very bad situation where he was living in a dreadful, dangerous environment as a drug debt.
Bentley has a dent to the right side of his skull which after being thoroughly checked by a vet was decided to have been an old injury and thankfully it hasn’t damaged his brain or his eyesight.
He has had to learn how to eat quality dog food having only lived on scraps we believe. His nails were so long that he walked on the back side of his pads and he also had a large tumour on his back that needed checking and removing. The poor boys teeth were also in a dreadful state needing cleaning, extractions and other dental work completed.
He has now had all this and his neutering taken care of while staying for assessment at the boarding kennels in Yorkshire, where he was spoilt rotten and had his meals specially prepared for him. We believe that he could be between 4-6 years but this is just a guestamate.
Bentley has now been moved into a loving foster home so that his health can continue to improve after his surgeries and he can start to learn how lovely the world can be with people that love him. He also has a new best mate who was missing his own best mate after Daf suddenly passed away.
So Bentley is not only being loved and helped but is also loving helping his lovely foster family.
Despite everything that he’s been through, Bentley wants very much to please the people he has grown to love and trust. He wants to have attention and now cuddles, lots and lots of cuddles, he’s even been going out on adventures, exploring the outside countryside and meeting new people and friends.
His foster family have done an amazing job showing Bentley how wonderful life can be, if you feel you can continue their good work and give Bentley his happy ever offer please contact us.
Bentley will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our full Adoption Contract.
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