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Origin: UK / Age: 5 Years

December 2020 - Boe's owners are trying really hard to find a way of keeping the lovely Boe wiht them. So, for now, we wish them all luck and hope BOe is happy staying in his current home.

Originally posted Septemebr 2019
This very handsome boy is 5 year old Boe. He has been living with his best friend a 5 year old Weimaraner but they have had several falling outs - the last one resulting in puncture wounds!

When they are not fighting, they are the best of friends and happily play together. They are found every night, curled up together, along with the cat in front of the fire. The family have had to make this very hard decision because both dogs are now unsettled and can appear unhappy.
They are fed in separate rooms, as Boe can be aggressive over food with the other dog.

He is very friendly to everyone although overly excitable and fussy with visitors and delivery men. He is a sensitive boy who enjoys lots of attention and is very affectionate and loves to sit on your lap. 💜

Boe is very obedient and will instantly respond to a click of his owners fingers and will sit as soon as asked. He tries his hardest to please his owners and enjoys one to one attention. He has a good level of basic training with a very good recall and he walks well to heal when asked. His owners can take anything from Boe when he is asked to give it up.

Boe is cat friendly and also lives with peacocks, doves, chickens, horses and sheep very happily. Being a sensitive soul, he'll growl when frightened or threatened . He dislikes being ordered to do things and is much happier when kindly asked to do these things. He also doesn’t like being fussed when he’s asleep on his bed or on the sofa, and will growl when told to get down. But if you ask him to get down and encourage him he is far more willing.

He has been used to regular visits from very young grandchildren and can be wary around them, preferring to stay away from them, so we won’t be looking to rehome Boe with children.

Boe free roams the large garden, yard and paddock, but also goes for walks to the woods close to his home. He doesn’t routinely encounter many dogs but he has been friendly to dogs he’s met and has happily played on the beach with them. If he’s unsure and nervous of a strange dog he relaxes when seeing his owner stroking and talking to them first. He is neutered, healthy and very fit, enjoys traveling in the car and will sit in the open boot of the car for hours.😎
Boe is currently in North Yorkshire and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Rehoming Contract.
If you feel you can give this very handsome and sensitive boy the one to one that he loves please contact us xXx 💜
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