Origin: UK. Age: 8 Years

We are working with this sweet girls owner and breeder to find this
much loved lady a new home.

Her owner has moved to a new area, which is
proving very stressful for Bonnie. She has got progressively
more stressed in her new home because of a variety of new
noises, such as the local shoot on her doorstep and a
firework party in very close proximity. Bonnie has also
started to panic while out on a walk in her new area and
while off lead she once left her owner and ran back to...
the safety of her home.

Bonnie has been fully assessed by a very
experienced dog behaviourist and it's under her
recommendation that Bonnie is looking for a quieter home
with a confident owner and for her perfect home, a happy
confident dog to help rebuild her confidence. The
behaviourist is happy to continue with Bonnies retraining
program and help her be that happy confident girl again.

Bonnie is a very fit and healthy 8 year old GSP. She enjoys the company of children
and loves playing with other dogs. She is fine with livestock.

Bonnie is at the moment on medication recommended by her vet which seems to
have helped a little with her stress levels, she is neutered, fully vaccinated, she is also whistle trained and
has a good level of obedience. Bonnie is currently in the Oakham Rutland area.

If you think you can offer this lovely lady a quiet, stress free home, Please get in touch.