GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 10 months

June 2019
Bonnie is doing brillinantly in her new home and has jsut celebrated her 1st birthday. See her update on our Facebook page.

April 2019
We have been asked to help find Bonnie who is a much loved, beautiful, 10 month old girl a new home as a matter of urgency. She and the other resident female have had several fall outs over the last few weeks, with the last one yesterday, resulting in the Cockerpoo needing veterinarian treatments for her wounds. The owner's husband also got bitten as he tried to separate the two. The owners think that the older female may be instigator but now Bonnie is definitely fighting back. When the girls are not fighting which is the majority of the time they are fine together.

Bonnie is normally an affectionate and very loving girl. She loves to play ball, run around playing with the other dogs and loves water πŸ’•
Off lead she is a happy, friendly girl but on lead she does bark and show signs of nervous aggression, so this would need to be worked on by building up her confidence and socialisation around dogs while on lead. She has the startings of a recall, but again only being 10 months old, she can be very easily distracted.

Bonnie's vaccinations are up to date including kennel cough, as are her flea and worming treatments. She can suffer from an infected ears so the owners wipe out her ears and add drops,weekly, to prevent infection starting.
Bonnie is housetrained and travels very well. Around young children she is a boisterous pup and can jump up. With older, calmer children she is initially excited but then calms down. Even though she has never lived with children, she behaves well. It’s believed that she will chase cats as she is interested in them. With livestock she does bark, but quickly calms down so again this will need further training.

We will be rehoming Bonnie as quickly as we can and are expecting a lot of home offers for this stunning girl, so please bear with us if we don’t get back to you very quickly. Bonnie is in the Worcestershire area and will be rehomed with our 5 weeks free insurance and our Rehoming Contract.
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