GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 5 Years

Beautiful Bracken is 5 year of age, she is a happy, healthy girl, who has had the amazing ability to identify gestational diabetes in pregnancy, however, she does find pregnancy and toddlers very stressful and has moved from members of the family as they have started their own families. She gets very clingy and whiny when her owners have become pregnant and suckles her teddies for comfort, 🥰 which is why they have made the sad decision to find Bracken a new home without new babies or a pregnancy.
She is happily living with her GSP brother who she gets along with very well and will be looking for an experienced home with another male for company or with owners who are around the majority of the time.
Bracken is also living with two cats, snakes and rabbits. She doesn’t chase her cats in the home but will chase them in the garden if they run, so we believe that she could live with a home with a cat with careful introductions.
Bracken has suffered with separation anxiety which is why she would like lots of human company, she has cried and howled when left alone but with her brother for company she does settle down and they have been left for a few hours together.
She’s a very loving, cuddly girl who adores any amount of attention from her family and especially loves her teenage human, but gives her young family members a wide birth.
Recently she hasn’t had the amount of exercise that she’s been used to, but when she is out walking she happily plays off lead with her brother and can some times appear over friendly to some dog’s, her recall is good when there aren’t any distractions around like other dog’s or people.
She hasn’t been around livestock, her reactions are unknown so careful introductions would be needed.
Bracken can start off whining while travelling but then does settle down, on the back seat or in a crate in the back of the car.
Bracken is currently in the Wirral area and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract. If you think you could give this beautiful girl the company and attention that she loves please contact GSP Rescue UK our terms and conditions apply. 💜