GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 5 Years

This beautiful girl is 5 year old Breia.
She was rehomed by us 17 months ago because she was having regular altercations with her kennel mate who was an older female.

We rehomed Breia as an only dog and she has lived very happily in that environment until recently when, due to a new relationship, a new female has started spending more time in Breia’s home and even after sensible introductions, this is proving very stressful for Breia.
So it has been decided that Breia would be happier in a loving new home of her own, so that she can relax and enjoy being the only dog once again.

Breia has had a good level of training in her first home; she is neutered and vaccinated, fine around live stock, travels very well, happy to be left alone after exercise, boisterous around very small children, but great with older children having been around the visiting grandchildren in both homes.
Breia will not be rehomed with another dog or where there are regular visiting dogs as she finds this too stressful. She will also not be rehomed with a cat no matter how dog savvy because she will hunt it and she will catch it ....

Breia is used to going into kennels, she has an excellent recall and is very good off lead. Very occasionally she has been reactive to a dog at the beach, but usually she is fine. She also attends "Doggy Daycare" with lots of different sizes, ages and breeds of dogs which she loves. The person who runs the scheme has confirmed that Breia has never been any trouble and if there is aggression from any dog Breia moves as far away as possible, she avoids any confrontation and gets along with everyone.
Breia is currently in the Pembroke area.

Breia will be rehomed with our Rehoming Contract and will have her 5 weeks Insurance from Agria.
As this is quite time sensitive we will not be leaving the adoption process open as long as usual; when a suitable home is offered we will be looking to move Breia as soon as possible for her and the prospective adopter.
If you feel you could offer this lovely girl the single dog home that she would love, please contact GSP Rescue UK Team