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Origin: UK / Age: 9 Months

This gorgeous pup is 9 month old Buddy, we believe that he is a GWP cross, on the litters microchip registration the breeder described the litter as Pointer cross Cocker Spaniels, but we haven’t seen spaniel in them, possibly something taller and finer like a Lurcher.
Buddy was living with a couple but they had to rehome him when ill health meant that he couldn’t have the training and exercise that he needed.
He is currently at our chairman’s boarding kennels in Goole where he and his brother Freddie have been assessed and their retraining has started.
Buddy was quite reactive when he arrived and needed careful handling. He is now respectfully learning and responding well to his commands, he will happily sit and wait to be let out into the run and sits beautifully for his biscuits when he comes back into his run. He has been clean and quiet and is often found upside down relaxing in his bed.
Buddy previously attended group walks and doggy daycare weekly, where he was happy to play with other dogs, his owners said he listened well to other dogs. He was crated in the home and after exercise could be left for up to 4 hours.
He is neutered, vaccinated and toilet trained, he can whine at the start of a car journey but does soon settle down. He was wearing a figure of 8 head collar out on walks because he pulled, his recall has been improving well while at the kennels, but this will need ongoing training.
Buddy definitely doesn’t do cats and will chase, he hasn’t met livestock so his reactions are unknown, caution will be needed when introducing him.
Around children he has been very good with a visiting teenager and children out on walks but has never lived with children.
Buddy is a very energetic, intelligent boy who needs more than just a short walk to the local park, he is going to need on going obedience training with someone that is committed to taking on this boy and with the experience to continue his training. He would probably enjoy activities like Canicross, agility, man-trailing, scent work etc and with training and his prey drive he might even make a good rough shooting dog.
Buddy along with his brother are currently in Goole in East Yorkshire and will be rehomed with their 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you have the time and patients to help this lad reach his true potential please contact us.
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