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Origin: UK / Age: 6 years

Caper is a stunning 6 year old German Longhaired Pointer who’s family have had to make this sad decision to find him a new home after having him for over a year, because of a recent incident with one of their young children which has caused them to lose confidence in Caper.
There was a family members entire male dog visiting, who Caper is not a fan of, so his anxiety and stress levels were raised, but when he was asleep the 7 year old child bent down and gave him a kiss goodnight. Caper woke up quickly and reacted by biting the little boy on his face. This has never happened before and he gets kissed every night by the little ones. So we believe it was the result of his anxiousness with the entire male being in his home.
Caper has very happily been living with a 10 month old female GLP, he plays, sleeps and cuddles with her, he has also been ok with other visiting neutered males. In his previous home he lived with several other dogs with no issues and wasn’t known to be reactive to any males.
Out on walks Caper can be reactive to entire males so this will need to be managed, the family can read his body language so call him or if he’s on lead they walk him away before anything escalates. They worked with a behaviourist to try and improve this behaviour, but decided to muzzle him so they would feel more confident walking him. Most dogs he will walk past calmly and they treat him when he does.
He goes up onto his ‘toes’ wagging his tail upright when he comes across certain other dogs that he’s not a fan of, they know this behaviour now so react accordingly.
He had been walked by a dog walker for 6 months who was always singing his praises for his excellent recall, behaviour and other gundog skills, until one day a dog who was running free and out of the owners control ran up to him and Caper reacted by pinning him. After this the dog walker lost her confidence with him so stopped taking him out.
He has had gundog training and recalls brilliantly to the whistle, he also loves retrieving his dummies.
Caper is normally a very gentle, loving, cuddly boy who loves fuss and attention, up until this unfortunate incident he has been amazing with their 7 year old and 5 year old, but because of this we will now only be looking to rehome Caper to a home with older dog savvy children.
He had previously lived with a cat, but the family believe that in their experience he would chase cats, so this would need to be approached with caution.
With livestock they have never had an issue, they often walk around cows and horses, he’s not been around sheep so his reactions are unknown. He would definitely give chase to anything with wings (one area where the recall becomes less effective). He did also catch a squirrel once (very gentle mouth, brought it straight back to his owner as per his previous gun dog training and she had to take it from his mouth (‘thank you’ being the command to release)
He travels well and gets quite vocal and excited when he recognises where he is. Caper can be left for up to 3 hours after exercise and with canine company quite happily. He is 25kg vaccinated, now neutered, crate trained, happy and healthy. When he was a puppy there was an accident where another dog ran into Caper and he sustained a broken leg, it has healed completely and causes him no issues at all. The family have all the x-rays for this given to them by the previous owners, his leg has healed completely.
If you feel you can offer this gorgeous, kind natured, cuddly boy an active, loving home when he can have the affection and time that he loves please contact us. We will not be Rehoming him with another male dog, no matter how lovely and friendly it is.
Caper is currently in the North East Hampshire area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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