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Origin: Spain / Age: 6 years

Chay is a handsome boy who originated in Spain and is about 6-7 years of age.
He is a neutered, healthy, vaccinated boy who loves fuss and attention. He is also a playful boy who will empty his toy box to find one specific toy that he wants to play with.

Chay was adopted in January after being in the UK for several months to a lovely home, but sadly even though he has settled very quickly they have had to make the sad decision to rehome him because of the area that they live.
Chay has a high prey drive and in the forest where they live there are deer, boar and sheep running free, which he has chased. One boar has turned around and ran at him and the family are afraid that he will get hurt or hurt another animal.
He will also chase cats so we won’t be rehoming him to a home with a cat.

Chay hasn’t met any young children that we are aware of, but is great with older teenage children.
On lead he does look aggressive towards other dogs, but off lead he will very happily chase around and play with them with no issues.
He does recall to his name, but not always straight away if he’s distracted, but this is very good for a foreign dog after such a short time. He travels well when his crate is covered and will settle down and sleep, he hasn’t needed to do any really long journeys yet, but has been fine on the journeys he has done so far.

Chay can be left home alone for up to 2 hours after exercise, he does howl initially but then settles down and sleeps.

Chay is currently in the Forest of Dean area and will be rehomed with his free 5 weeks Agria insurance and our adoption contract.
If you feel that you could offer this playful, loving boy his happy ever after with lots of company and cuddles and no livestock to chase please contact us.
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