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Origin: UK / Age: 20 Months

Cooper is a very handsome 20 month old lad who is currently in Goole East Yorkshire working with Clifton at their boarding kennels, because sadly Cooper has become reactive to hands, especially when they belong to men that are strangers to him and when the hands are coming towards his face, after he was treated very heavy handedly around his head by a visitor to the family on more than one occasion, when he was an impressionable youngster, he was left very frightened and traumatised.

He had been happily living with a young family (one of which had special needs) as a bouncy, playful lad until he reached adulthood, where he has shown this protective and guarding behaviour.
He has been a sensitive lad who loves long walks, paddling in the river, all types of scent work and seek it games, being food motivated he’s happy to work for his treats, he also loves playing ball and tug games and when he trusts people, he loves fuss and attention. His mum has said that his anxiousness is worse when she is around as if he needs to look after her, when Cooper is out walking with his dad he is a lot more relaxed and happier meeting people, this is also the same in the house when his mum is around Cooper doesn’t settle and watches her constantly to see where she is and what she’s doing, but when he’s left at home with his dad he curls up under his dads desk and goes to sleep.

Cooper is used to going for walks with a male dog walker and he really enjoyed that for 10 months, he loved playing with all the other dogs of all ages and sizes.
Cooper has always been on lead around livestock because he is afraid of cows, he is curious of sheep and will pull towards them as if he wants to play with them. His recall can be hit and miss if he sees a pheasant or a rabbit he can give chase, but will recall to one pip on the whistle or “Cooper come” He is neutered, vaccinated and travels well in the car settling quickly. We believe that he would chase a cat even though he hasn’t lived with one.

If you have the time to help this sweet lad build up his confidence around peoples hands and can continue Clifton’s retraining, we would love to hear from you. He will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our full Adoption Contract.
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