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Origin: Kuwait / Age:

October 2017
Daf was finally flown from Kuwait on 12/10/17. He was picked up by his foster dads, who unsurprisingly have become his forever dads. He took a while to get used to being in a home - especially the concept of having a soft bed! He is living a wonderful life with lots of time spent in eh outdoors and with a fur-brother to keep him company.

April 2017
This gorgeous boy was posted around the GSP sites back in April, with lots of people very worried about him.
It was believed that he was in Dubai and he desperately needed the GSP community's help because he was failing as a sniffer dog and was about to be moved from his air conditioned kennel to a far less GSP friendly kennel block.
GSP Rescue UK offered our help not knowing what we could do or how we could help him.

He was actually in Kuwait and was failing in his job due to his personality! It appears that rather than sniff the bags and suitcases, this sweet boy would rather have cuddles and attention from their owners!

After many months of correspondence between Pauline, who has been wonderful and completely in charge of sorting everything out for Daf and the Kuwait vet at the company caring for him, we can finally tell you all that he is about to pack his belongings and fly to the UK.
The delay on getting him here has been due to the very high temperatures during the summer months and only now the temperatures are safe enough to allow him to wait on the tarmac while the plane is preparing to leave the airport.

The costs have been far more than we first thought and being such a new rescue it has taken a huge toll on our funds. However we have had a wonderful donation from a lovely couple and without this donation we wouldn't have been able to help like we have and Daf wouldn't have his chance of his Happy Ever After.

Daf will be flying to the UK very soon. He will be going straight into foster with a GSP experienced home to be fully assessed, after which time we will know far more about him and what type of home he will need.
We will keep you all posted on Daf's progress to a normal, happy GSP home life....
If anyone would like to help us by donating towards Daf's journey (his flight alone is £1,290..) it would be very much appreciated.
Donations can be made via PayPal to our email address, which is . Please use friends and family.
GSP Rescue UK Team xXx