GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 19 Months

Dexter is a typical, playful, 19 month old GSP.
He is a very much loved boy who has been living with an 8 year old child who he enjoys playing football with and bouncing around on the trampoline with. Sadly, he is needing a new home because very recently he has started showing signs of anxiety around the youngster and has lunged at him. Though later they were the best of friends again, in his anxious state, he has also growled at strangers that were in his home, making them feel intimidated.

Dexter only seems to show this behaviour when he is in his own home environment. He happily spent a few hours this week at his Granny's home with lots of people, children and other dogs, where he was a very happy, comfortable boy and very well behaved.
Out on walks he is very responsive and obedient. He enjoys the company of other dogs and is happy to see people. He can be nervous around children and particularly dislikes youngsters wearing hoods.

Dexter isn't worried about loud noises like fireworks or gun fire. He is vaccinated, wormed and has had a flea treatment; he is a very healthy boy. He is fed on a good quality, dry food twice daily.

Once he has had his exercise, Dexter can be left for up to three hours, quite happily sleeping on the sofa 🙂 .
Dexter has walked through a field with livestock on lead - he was very good and showed little interest. His owners are very lucky to have a large well fenced area where Dexter loves to play chasing with his best friend, a lurcher.
He will recall there to both his name and to 3 peeps on the whistle; he will sit and wait and enjoys pleasing his owner, following their commands.
He travels well in the boot, but he has shown signs of guarding by giving a bark at people walking past the car when he is in there.

This sweet boy may well be struggling in his home environment due to his mum's very emotional and stressful job that she runs from home. Dexter is very bonded with his mum and appears to be feeding off her emotions, which is why the heartbreaking decision to re-home Dexter has been made. His breeder is aware of this re-homing and is closely working with us to find Dexter the best home that we can.

Dexter is currently in the Grimsby area and will be re-homed with our 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our re-homing contract.
If you feel that you could give Dexter the active, loving home with ongoing training that he loves so much please contact GSP Rescue UK Team.