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Origin: United Kingdom / Age: 2 Years

August 2018
Doc has been having ongoing training and he has really improved. His owners hope they may be able to keep him afterall. We hope to know soon.

March 2018
Doc is a stunning 2 year old GSP he is a very healthy and energetic boy who needs a very active home with experience and on going training.
He is a GSP who needs consistency, because he can be unsure of his surroundings, which results in Doc feeling the need to growl and grumble if he feels unsure as to what he's expected to do. He has never taken the growling any further, but it can sound quite scary on times.
Doc is a very intelligent boy as well as very loving, he really enjoys being fussed and cuddled. He can now open doors that are locked when the keys are left in them 😉He is very quick to pick up new things and loves to play with his ball as a reward..
One of Docs favourite things is playing in the park with his ball, he will go up and say hello to other dogs and his family says he can look quite dominant with some, but he is happy to then come back to play more ball games, he has a good recall and walks on a slip lead or halti type head collar.
He is vaccinated, neutered and travels very well in the car. Doc has never lived with a cat but it's believed that he would chase, he has also never been introduced to livestock, so as with all GSPs care would need to be taken around any livestock until Doc was confidently introduced.
He is presently living with two young children aged 1 year and 9 years, who he absolutely adores, but because of the growling we will only rehome to much older teenage children or an adult only home.
Doc does bark when the doorbell rings and can be quite nervous when new people arrive. He growls and grumbles when he is told to get off of the sofa, or when he's raided the bin and has something he considers his or if he's sleeping on the sofa and the children pass him he warns them that he is there. In an understanding experienced home being vocal like this can be worked with especially with Doc being ball obsessed and seeing ball games as a reward.
We were asked if we could find this very loving boy a new home a few months back, but the family were so upset that they decided to keep Doc with them, but they have now realised that with their little one walking it is getting more stressful for Doc who absolutely adores both the children but needs a quieter home.
Doc is currently in the Birmingham area, If you feel you could offer Doc the loving home that he is looking for please contact us. Doc will be rehomed with our contract Rehoming Contract and 5 weeks free Insurance.
GSP Rescue UK Team xXx