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Origin: Serbia / Age: 5 Years

Lovely Dona needs a loving home 😍 - do you have a space for this beauty? We hope she can travel in September, as long as we have a home for her.
Dona was rescued from the streets in Serbia October 2020 - she appeared to have a leg injury and was struggling. Local support was exhausted, so we agreed to help support her rescue and rehabilitation and take on her rehoming, once she was ready.
Working with her rescuer and Balkan Underdogs, she got emergency vet care and has been kept safely with them since then.
Dona was neutered as soon as she was rescued and was in the early stages of pregnancy. She recovered well and soon began to walk much more comfortably on her leg. Two orthopaedic vets have considered X-rays of her leg, hips and spine and what the best course of action might be. Both felt that there is an old injury to her leg and possibly spine, but trying to operate would not be useful. She doesn't appear to be in any pain. We can discuss these details with serious adopters. (Videos will be in the comments to show her moving now).
Dona is around 5 years old. She is great with people and other dogs, and is quite a calm girl. She enjoys a good runabout with the other dogs at the pension/kennels. She sometimes has a bit of a limp but runs around happily. This might improve with controlled exercise and building fitness and strength in her leg. She will probably always need limits on what she can do and might benefit from some joint supplements and future treatments. Since this is a pre-existing condition we would help to support ongoing treatment.
As a street rescue, it’s not known if she’s ever lived in a home, so she may not be house trained. She may also have no recall and no lead experience. All these things will need careful, consistent and positive training for. She loves a good sniff (as you’ll see in her photos) and may well have a high prey drive (she might be a dumped hunting dog), so lots of patience will be needed in trying to develop her recall. Although she doesn’t have constant human company at the moment, we don’t know how she’d cope with being left alone at home, so this will need to be developed gradually. She might benefit from being rehomed with another established dog, to help her learn.
We don’t know how she is with children, so wouldn’t rehome her with young children. She is fine with older children at the pension. We also don’t know how she’d be with cats or livestock.
Her adopters need to be prepared to invest time and patience in training her in a positive way, and giving her the exercise, mental stimulation and love she’ll need to thrive. She’ll pay that back with lots of love 💜.
Dona will hopefully have a space to travel late summer/early Autumn and will travel with all the appropriate vaccinations and paperwork. Since she has an existing old injury, we could support care related to this in the future, to help find her the best home.
Dona will be rehomed with 5 weeks free Agria insurance and under our full GSP Rescue UK adoption contract. If you feel you could help her adapt to UK life and give her a wonderful home, please get in touch.
Even if we already have your form - please let us know if interested.
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