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Origin: Bulgaria / Age: Approx 2 Years

Gorgeous Duke has now moved to the East Yorkshire area while he waits for his Happy Ever After
Sadly Duke needs to find a new home after only being in the agility home that his caring fosterer found for him for a few days.

The new owner, who took full responsibility for the incident. Had a bite on the hand after Duke got spooked when she started running with him going past a driveway when someone just appeared and she grabbed his collar from behind which panicked him.

At this point Duke had only been in the new home for two days and hadn't been used to walking on a lead with his new owner and had never been for a run with her.
It was decided that Duke would benefit from an experienced GSP home that better understands the sensitivity of our breed. So we are helping find this very sweet boy an experienced home where he can settle and enjoy his new life.

A description of Duke from his fosterer.
Duke can open doors with complete ease unless they are round door knobs. He is finding all the sounds of the built up area rather unnerving, we live in a very remote place where our rush hour consists of 2 cars, 5 geese, donkey and maybe some goats, so he needs time to acclimatise.

With so many dogs of our own plus the fact we have large grounds I must admit to being very lazy in training him to the lead, initially he is excitable and will bounce and pull but after about 5-10 minutes of bringing him back he does settle down (until he spies something way in the distance, then brace).

He is completely food obsessed - he weighed approx. 21kgs when we found him on the roadside, and here in Bulgaria the typical food fare for dogs kept is bread lots of it. He now weighs 33kgs and has been fed on a mix of complete, tinned and raw food (and the occasional slice of bread). He like any pointer English or German is very good at counter surfing looking for food.

Whilst he travels ok in his XL crate he doesn't like going in, as he is so big and he feels confined, he is ok in a crate if door is left open and he can wander in and out. He loves the warmth and will always put himself in front of the fire or as close to the heat as possible.

On travelling over here he did suffer with diarrhoea, which was caused mainly by the stress of being cooped up for the length of time it took to get here.

He is an absolutely gentle giant but just doesn't know his own strength, he still squats to wee.

Duke is believed to be about 18 months to two years of age, his fosterer saved him at the end of October .

If you feel that you could offer this gorgeous boy a loving home, please contact us .
GSP Rescue UK Team

YaY xxxx Wonderful news xxx Duke has now been reserved.

He has been such a big hit with the huskies and their lovely family that they have decided to offer this super sweet boy his Happy Ever After.

The very handsome gentle giant Duke had visitors this weekend, he had a wonderful time playing with their Husky female and giving the ladies lots of kisses and receiving lots of cuddles in return he was very respectful to the Husky male even when he grumbled at Duke. He is a very sweet young boy. He went out for a walk and was very well behaved, walked beautifully on the lead after the initial excitement.

He is now renamed Stanley.