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Origin: UK / Age: 3 1/2 Years

This beautiful girl is Ebony, she is 3 1/2 years of age.
Her original family had a change in circumstances and had to find a new home for her. She was sold to someone who very quickly realised that she was stressed and wasn’t going to settle with his resident female and would catch and dispatch his cats if she could get to them.
She was moved to Goole to Clifton at the boarding kennels for assessment and retraining, where she was found to be a friendly, happy girl to everyone that she met after she had time to decompress. Clifton describes her as a Bonnie girl who is like a giant puppy.
Ebony will require a lot of initial work in all areas, but once into a routine we believe she will make a brilliant companion.
She is going to benefit from starting her training again as you would approach training with a puppy, she is eager to please but especially during recall training, she can be very easily distracted.
Ebony will not be rehomed with another female or cats but possibly a subservient male.
She has lived with young children and has been wonderful with them, very gentle and caring her original owners have said that she loved their interaction (plays silly games with them, can be dressed up without any fuss, regularly played with their son in his play house.)
Ebony loves free running (through woodlands, meadows and fields, not the most obedient and requires a dog whistle, a waving arm and a pocket of treats. Will chase wild birds and butterflies, has been interested in bunnies but she’s too slow and rapidly gives up the chase but will sniff the hole if she thought it’s where it disappeared.)She also loves the beach where she chases around and tries to bite the waves.
Ebony loves company (would be with her owners in the office or on site on a lead or at home and will follow you even if going to the loo, she’ll see you there and go back to the sofa or chair that you were sat on)
One thing that made me laugh about Ebony was her love of warm baths/showers (she will think nothing about stepping into the bath when anybody is in it and laying with you, just need to be mindful if there’s a baby in the bath as she’s rather gangly and clumsy)😂
She also loves making herself comfortable on cushions or pillows described as the princess and pea for a nap.
She can open doors, but it’s usually just to check where you are. One of her favourite things is a face massage or face scrunch as her owners described it.
Ebony has been left home alone for 2-3 hours on occasions more, she’s been left with a Bonio but doesn’t eat it until you retur back home.
When meeting other dogs she will bark initially and try to nose but either is walked away or plays and chases/get chased. She had stayed overnight at a family members, 2-3 nights per week on occasion and they have a Cockapoo and a Springer with dwarfism, both dogs . They chase, eat and sleep together with no fuss. There was only one barking fight when Ebony took a leg bone and ran off with it, the Cockapoo was not impressed and they had to intervene.
The second (brief)owner said that Ebony barked and lunged at other dogs, so this is something that needs to be considered because she was very stressed and had not settled.
When meeting Livestock she was always on a lead, looks at them but continues sniffing stuff, same with the horses at the livery, has a good stare, might bark if the horse whinny’s but otherwise continues walking.
She travels very well and after briefly sticking her nose out of the window she will lay down, until she knows she’s near the woods then she starts to squeak with excitement.
Beautiful Ebony is currently in Goole in East Yorkshire, if you have time to invest in her training and Bonios to spare please contact us. She will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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