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Origin: England / Age: 12 years

March 2018
Ella went home to her new forever home in March - joining her 2 GSP brothers and humans. She immediately settled in well adn has a fabulous life. She had to have a surprise operation to removed some tumours later in the spring but she has recovered really well.
13th February 2018
Its Ella here again 😎
I had such a good time at the beach last weekend that we decided to go again this week 😁
I ran and ran for the full 3 hours. We walked for miles along Oxwich Bay to Three Cliffs Bay then back over the sand dunes 😎 only stopping for a lovely drink from the fresh water stream πŸ˜‹
I was soooo sleepy that I jumped straight into the car and went fast πŸ’€ I slept all the way home πŸ˜‚
When we came home we had dinner, then I fell asleep on top of Evie πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
Loves and Licks Ella πŸ’–

30th January 2018
Hi my name is Ella, I’m 12 years young and having fun in my foster home 🏠
I was very shocked when I moved to find out that Id met Baylor and my foster family 9 years ago. When I gave birth to Baylor 😲
Now I’m living with him πŸ’“
I wish I could say that we recognised each other, but no neither of us had any idea.
While I'm here I've been very busy. Today I went to town, it was great fun because I had lots of cuddles off of the lovely people that I met 😊 we paid some donations into the bank and of course I was perfectly well behaved, then I was allowed to choose some treats from the best smelling shop. They loved me so much I came away with some goodies for my tea πŸ˜‹ I'm now having a snooze with my son πŸ˜‰
Love and licks Ella πŸ’–

30.1.18 This gorgeous Golden Oldie is Ella πŸ’–
She is 12 years young and has the most gentlest of temperaments. She loves running off lead and has a very good recall. Ella is steady around live stock and has been around horses and other dogs her entire lifetime. She is wonderful with children of all ages and is happy to have cuddles with them. Ella loves traveling in the car, she either sits quietly looking out of the window or settles down for a snooze.
One of her favourite places is relaxing in front of the fire 😊
Ella has always lived with one or both of her daughters so we will not be rehoming Ella as an only girl. She could be a perfect mentor to a younger GSP with her loving ways, she is a natural mum and wants to look after everyone πŸ’ž
Ella has had a visit to the vets for a health check, at 12 years of age she’s a typical GSP with a strong heart ❣ and no visible signs of ill health. She does have a little arthritis in her rear right leg, but fortunately it doesn't cause her any problems or stop her from running around on her walks 😊 she also has a few small fatty lumps, which the vet feels are just that, fatty lumps. Ella does have a couple of mammary tumours that her previous owner has said that she’s had for several years and if they were cancerous they would have been far more aggressive and her vet has just been routinely monitoring them.
Ella is in foster with one of the team in Abergavenny, south Wales 🏴 where she has fitted in wonderfully with the two resident GSPs.
There will be lots more posts on Ella, but if you feel you have a warm spot in front of the fire and time to give her the love and fun she deserves 😁 please contact GSP Rescue UK.
Ella will also be rehomed with our five week free insurance and our Rehoming Contract.