GSP Rescue UK


Origin: Northern Ireland / Age: 5 Years

After a few attempts, where we thought we had found the perfect fit for her, but they didn't quite work out - Elsa's devoted mum decided she would try to find a way of her staying with her family. We wish them all the luck in the world.

We have been asked to help this stunning girl Elsa after her family in Northern Ireland have had to make the sad decision to find her a new home after a sudden accident.
Ideally a home in Northern Ireland would be wonderful, but if a home can’t be found then Elsa will come over to a home here.

Stunning Elsa is 5 years of age, very loving and kind natured and is looking to be an only dog in a cat free home.
Her favourite things are running, belly rubs, snuggling, water, playing and more running 😂

She is happy, healthy, neutered, vaccinated and highly intelligent, she knows many commands and is always keen to learn.
Elsa has been used to free running on her owners land and coming back when she’s ready, so her recall will need on going work.
She wears a Gencon on walks because she will pull, but can also walk to heal when told to do so.

Elsa can get excited in the car, she will bark but after 10 minutes she will settle down.

If given the chance Elsa will steal food unless told “don’t touch” .Funnily enough she doesn’t touch anything when left home alone, bless her 😊
Elsa loves being around children especially when they are old enough to play with her, she can be very boisterous for smaller children, so we will be looking at finding a home with children around 10 and above.

She hasn’t had much contact with other dogs (always being an only dog on her own land) so canine socialisation and careful introductions will be needed. Her current owner thinks that she will be fine when she gets to know other dogs out on walks, then she could be happy to learn to play with them 😊

She hasn’t met livestock so once again careful introductions would be needed. She has met cats and will chase them.

Elsa wants to please and if you think that you could offer this stunning girl her Happy Ever After please contact us.
Elsa will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Rehoming Contract xXx our terms and conditions apply 💕💜💕