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Origin: UK / Age: 9 Months

This stunning pup is 9 month old Freddie, we believe that he is a GWP cross, on the litters microchip registration the breeder described the litter as Pointer cross Cocker Spaniels, but we haven’t seen spaniel in them, possibly something taller and finer like a Lurcher.
Freddie has not had the best start in life, little is known about his previous history but we do know that he was saved from being euthanised when he was taken to the vet for being energetic and boisterous, by a very kind vet nurse who fostered him briefly in her home with children and other dogs. While initially fine it all seemed too much for him and sadly he lunged at her and bit her on the arm while out walking s as d no one was sure why.
We have been told that he associates the word NO with physical punishment, which could have been a contributing factor.
Since moving to our Chairman’s boarding kennels he has been hearing the word no many times and getting desensitised to its previous meaning, he is now learning to trust again and wants to welcome physical interactions, he is trying desperately to please and because he is enjoying the human contact so much he now doesn’t want to be left so has shown signs of separation anxiety. He is also now respectfully learning and responding well to his commands, he will happily sit and wait to be let out into the run and sits beautifully for his biscuits when he comes back into his run. He has never been destructive with his beds but lovely and clean in his kennel and is often found relaxing in his bed.
Freddie’s recall is improving well to his name and two pups on the whistle he is always happy to work for his treats, he is really enjoying the time that he’s having spent with him during his training and exercise sessions, he’s also enjoying the cuddles afterwards.
Freddie is going to need an understanding owner who is prepared to introduce him to new things with lots of positive reinforcement and carry on the training and confidence building that Clifton has started with him.
Like his brother Buddy, Freddie would probably enjoy activities like Canicross, agility, man-trailing, scent work etc and with training and his prey drive he might even make a good rough shooting dog.
He has shown a lot of interest in the cats around the kennel so we would be looking for a cat free home.
Freddie along with his brother Buddy are currently in Goole in East Yorkshire and will be rehomed with their 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you have the time and patients to help this lad reach his true potential please contact us.
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