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Origin: UK / Age: 2 1/2 Years

This very handsome youngster is 21/2 year old Fritz, he is a very sensitive boy who is suffering from Separation Anxiety he also struggles with a change in his routine, which is difficult with a young family.
His owner has been working with Fritz to build his confidence and has introduced him to new things like scent-work and Canicross, which he really enjoyed. He has also completed his bronze KC Good Citizens Award.
They also worked with a behaviourist using positive reinforcement and game play to teach him, which again he responded very well too.
Fritz has been living with children and is happy to share his toys and bones with them, even if they would rather not be given his second hand bones 😂
Fritz lives with a grumpy older cat who tolerates him and his owners have just bought him a kitten of his own who he absolutely adores and gets bullied by, who has helped with his separation anxiety.
He’s great with other dogs and will happily play with anyone who will play with him.
He is always kept on lead when walking through fields of sheep, he has ignored cattle but has once chased deer. So training will need to be continued with him to disengage from chasing the deer.
Fritz has a very good whistle recall unless he spots a deer, he walks well on his slip lead and travels very well with a harness on the backseat of the car. He is a playful, healthy, vaccinated boy who is afraid of his crate and hates being in a kennel, so we won’t be rehoming Fritz to anyone who uses kennels while they are away.
Because of Fritz’s love of company we will be looking for a home with either someone who works from home or is around during the day without too much disruption to his routine. He would also benefit from an older canine companion to continue to build his confidence and play games with.
If you have the time and experience to continue this gorgeous youngsters training and to play with his favourite teddies with him before having sofa cuddles please contact us.
Fritz is currently in the East Sussex area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our full Adoption Contact.
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