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Origin: UK / Age: 1 Year

This handsome chap is 12 month old Gary. 😍
He is a much loved pup who is sadly being rehomed because of a change in his current family situation.
Gary has had extensive training for such a youngster, he has also started gundog training and scent work. His favourite games are finding hidden toys in the woods near his home, or finding a treat that’s been hidden underneath a cone, in amongst 19 other colourful cones in the garden. 😎
He loves his woods walks, swims and does brain games daily.
Gary can be too over enthusiastic for small children, but after staying with a young family member he now calms down quite quickly when she is around. He really enjoys the company of older children and is happy to cuddle up with them to snooze.
He’s also very enthusiastic and excited when meeting new dogs and if they will play with him he enjoys playing chasing games with anyone up for the chase. Gary hasn’t lived with another dog but we think he would enjoy the company of another playful companion.
Gary is a happy, balanced, lad that can be left happily in his crate after exercise, he travels very well and is vaccinated.
While Gary does have a very good recall, he can be easily distracted if there’s someone or something more interesting to play with, so as with all young GSPs this training will need to be continued.
Gary has accidentally knocked a walker over while playing when his over excitement got the better of him. Thankfully he was shaken but not hurt. Again this will need ongoing training which Gary loves.
He did have an accident to his tail when he was a few months old, it was very painful and ended up being removed. He remembered the pain for several weeks and it took him a few months to allow his owners to touch his bottom without him grumbling. His owners worked hard with him to gain his trust again and he is now happy to have his bum touched and even actively gives you his bum for tickles and strokes. ☺️
Gary is currently in Pontypridd South Wales and will be rehomed with his Agria 5 weeks free insurance and our full Rehoming contract.
If you feel that you could offer this gorgeous, loving young lad the active home that he is looking for please contact us.
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