GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 6 Months

This very sweet little girl is Gwen. She is a very boisterous, exuberant and intelligent six month old who has started her basic training and is a very quick learner.
Gwen is a very much loved little girl who is being re homed because of a change in family circumstances and her breeder can not help at this time.
She is too boisterous for many young children and she has accidentally knocked her children over and scratched them in her eagerness for attention, because of this we will be looking to re home her with older dog savvy children.

She has met lots of new dogs and has friends in her puppy classes, she is happy to play but does enjoy rough play which can be too much for some. Her recall is obviously a work in progress as she can get easily distracted 😂 she has met sheep and wasn’t bothered about them. She did meet a horse on one occasion and gave it a growl through the fence 😉 Gwen hasn’t lived with a cat so her behaviour is unknown, but she hasn’t started chasing squirrels and rabbits yet so it’s believed that she might be fine with a careful introduction 😊

Gwen can be scared of something’s like a ceiling fan or the hairdryer at the dog groomers so she will need her confidence built up with some unfamiliar things 💜
She is living with another dog at the moment and really enjoys the company even though she can be a bit boisterous for him.

We would be looking to find her an experienced home with another HPR that could act as her mentor, ideally over 3 years. She can be left for up to two hours with company and she travels well in the back of the car in a crate for her safety. She has been sick once on the way home from the vet, but is usually happy and will sleep when travelling.

Gwen will need a home that can focus on her training during her development with another dog for company she also loves playing with her toys and lots of cuddles, she can very often be found curled up with the children fast asleep bless her 😍

If you think that you can offer her all this please contact GSP Rescue UK.
Gwen will be rehomed with her five weeks free insurance and our Rehoming Contract.
Terms and conditions apply. xXx