GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 3 Years 10 Months

Summer 2018
This beautiful girl continues to do well. She is having lots of training and responding well (she is a bright girl).
Mid January 2018 -Hallé went to her new home near the seaside . Be happy lovely girl :)
December 2017
Meet gorgeous girl Hallé 😍 🐾 - who needs a NEW forever HOME.
Hallé is 3 years 10 months old and has been with her mum since being a puppy. She is a fantastic girl, with a great character and is in excellent condition.
She has had a wonderful life with good training and lots of love and care but due to a change in mum's circumstances, we are helping to find her a new perfect home where this can all continue.
She is a very typical, young GSP. She is very lively and used to being very active for a lot of the day. She is obsessed with balls and her mum uses point and retrieve to ensure good recall.
She will sometimes run off to other dogs or after squirrels but only for a few minutes. Mainly she wants to play ball!

Having been around lots of dogs, Hallé is excellent and very sociable with other dogs (she will tell them off if necessary). She is gentle with small dogs.
She loves cuddles and snuggles up in her crate in the house, which is covered in a fleece blanket. She still sleeps in the crate in the centre of the house but can have the door open or closed.

Hallé is food obsessed and an opportunist.
If food is left out or in pockets, she will try to get it if she can! Even if you think she can't!

Hallé has not had much exposure to very young children. She has met some 5-10 year-olds with no problems.
We would prefer to home her to a family with children towards the higher end of that age range.

Hallé walks well on lead and her mum uses a gentle walker. She responds well to lots of phrases and commands used as part of her training.
She has tried to chase the few cats she has met and only occasionally come across livestock, whilst on a lead.

Hallé can be left alone for up to 4 hours, more on rare occasions, but she has not been used to this on a regular basis.
She is fed a high quality dry mix twice a day and she travels well in the car.

If you are interested in offering Hallé a wonderful home please get in touch with us, GSP Rescue UK, and we will email you our adoption interest form. If we already have your form, please just flag up your interest to help us.
Hallé will be rehomed with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.