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Origin: UK / Age: 6 years

This very handsome 6 year old boy is Harvey, he is looking for a new home because his older owners feel that he needs a much more active life than they can give him at this time.
Harvey can be over-exuberant with visitors and tradesman and he can be overprotective in his own home and car, on occasion he has jumped up and mouthed unexpected visitors, if not fully controlled. With prior warning of a visitors arrival, Harvey can be controlled and is usually placed into his crate.
Recently while he was playing in his garden, a delivery person arrived and rather than pass the parcel over the top of the garden fence she opened the gate and brought it into the garden.
Harvey jumped up and his claw damaged her jacket, because of the damage the incident was reported and the authorities had to be involved.
No further action was taken but it did highlight to the couple that they weren't quick enough due to their ages, to stop this from happening.

Harvey loves the company of other dogs and really enjoys playing with all his friends, he has been going to doggy daycare for two days per week for the last two years, which he absolutely loves. The doggy daycare owners have enjoyed him being at daycare and watching him playing with all his doggy friends including his brother who also goes to the same daycare, they have never had any issues or incidents with him in all this time. He is also used to being walked by a dog walker with a different group of dogs that again he loves.

Harvey is a very healthy, vaccinated and neutered boy, who travels well usually in his crate and is happy to be left after exercise for 2-3 hours. He loves being active, has boundless energy, loves to play fetch with a ball, long walks or runs and visiting the local country park.
He has been great around their teenage grandson, but during the lockdown, Harvey hadn't seen him for a year and when he did see him he did initially bark until he recognised him, then it was all games and cuddles again. Away from the home and outdoors there have never been any issue with young children for example at the park, however, the home environment is childfree so it’s unknown how he would behave living with young children, with this in mind we won't be looking at homes where he would be living with them. He will bark if there are children outside his home in the street, similarly, he will bark if, in the car and children, dogs or other distractions are passing.

Harvey is not a fan of cats and will chase, but has been walked regularly around livestock with no issues.
He recalls to a whistle or to his name and walks well on a slip lead, Dogmatic or Halti head collar. His current owners prefer to put a Baskerville muzzle on him when running free in the park, they believe it's better to be safe than sorry with lots of children and people around, even though he has never had any issues.
Harvey is a clever boy who can open internal doors which open away from him by pawing on the door handle.
He can also jump over fences or gates less than 6 feet tall if he decides to.

Harvey is currently in East Yorkshire and will be rehomed with his free 5 weeks Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you believe that you could offer this gorgeous, exuberant boy the exercise and company that he loves. Please contact GSP Rescue UK. 💜
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