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Origin: UK / Age: 11 Months

Hector has been staying at Goole in East Yorkshire for some extra training and retraining with our very experienced team.
He is a very strong-willed boy with his own opinions. Hector is definitely not a fur baby and would benefit from an experienced, confident owner who could help him reach his full potential with on going training.
He wants to learn and tries his best to please, but definitely responds better to is male owner than his mum who he has tried to dominate.
If you feel you could offer this gorgeous pup the retraining and lifelong commitment that he will need please contact us. 💜
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Hector is a gorgeous 9 month old puppy who is already a big strong boy at 37kg. He is a very much loved boy, but he has had a difficult start in life. Hector was not able to attend puppy classes with other pups due to COVID so his training was just with his owners and his socialising was with other dogs at day care and whilst on walks, until in April Hector developed a limp in his rear leg, so his owners took him to their vet who advised 4 weeks rest as it was likely to be muscular. There was no improvement after that time and Hector was referred to an orthopaedic specialist. It turned out that Hector needed surgery in June to remove a flap of cartilage from his front left shoulder which was completed successfully. At this point Hector had been on rest indoors for 12 weeks which meant his socialisation had effectively stopped and because of this he is now showing signs of extreme anxiousness and fear when outside.
On a recent training session with Hector, his owners were lead to believe that he cannot be off lead with other dogs as there is a risk he will inadvertently injure them because of his size and inability to read other dog’s behaviours. During the training session he knocked over the trainer’s dog with no warning, whilst running around.
Many experienced GSP owners will have already had this issue to deal with and the more our over enthusiastic, clumsy GSP pups, spend time with other dogs the more they learn how to control their limbs and enthusiasm.
When outside, Hector finds it difficult to cope with the stimuli of other people or dogs and this has a pronounced effect on his behaviour, including jumping up, barking and mouthing.
His current owners do not feel that they have the ability and experience to change this and their trainer agreed.
Hector is going to need a confident, experienced owner who has the time and understanding to reintroduce him to the things that he fears, like strangers, other dogs and skateboarders etc. using positive reinforcement.
Hector is a very intelligent boy from working bloodlines and indoors he has made good progress, he is well behaved the majority of the time, is affectionate and responsive to commands. He sleeps well at night on his bed and is toilet trained. Hector is crated when left for up to 2 hours without issue. When his owners are in the house he can be left in the kitchen and will play with his toys and then sleep, but being young he does still need several regular toilet breaks.
With cats he does show an interest in them and will bark when he sees them. He is kept on lead near livestock and apart from occasionally staring at them he does ignore them. Hector is far too boisterous for young children at this time so we will only be placing him with over 10/12 years dog savvy children.
Hector is generally good off lead especially while his owners have been training him in a secure field, he stays within a circle of about 30ft of them his recall to his name is pretty good and they have always trained him with three short blasts on the whistle, which this has also been effective.
He can pull while walking and does use a slip lead or Gentle leader.
In the car Hector is ok, however he does drool a lot and needs frequent toilet breaks.
Hector is currently in the East Sussex area, he will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our full Adoption contract.
If you feel you could offer this gorgeous pup the retraining and lifelong commitment that he will need please contact us. 💜
GSP Rescue UK Terms and conditions apply