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Origin: UK / Age: 18 Months

This very handsome GSP x Labrador is 18 month old Heinz, he is very much loved and looking for a new home because his owners feel that he needs much more attention than they can give him at this time duo to ill health and a growing family.
He is a smaller boy weighing 22-23kg, his mum was a pretty yellow Labrador and dad was a stunning solid black GSP. 😎

Heinz has been living with several children ranging between 3-17 years. He is fantastic with them, very calm and patient, his owner thinks that children 8 years and above are his favourites because they can play ball games with him.
Heinz loves the company of other dogs and really enjoys playing with all his friends, he loves going out on long walks and is very good off lead. He does have a very good recall especially for a youngster of this age. He is also used to being walked by a dog walker who also says that he’s very good, at the start of the walk however, he is a strong puller and currently uses a head collar which does help.

He is such a clever boy because he will drag his bed into the sunshine for a snooze and adjust it again as the sun moves. 😎He also likes to carry a towel around in his mouth like a comfort blanket 🥰
Heinz is currently living with two cats, he’s not a fan of them but does tolerate them.

He is a very healthy youngster that is happy to be left after exercise for 3-4 hours, he does love his people, but being a lockdown pup he hasn’t had any visitors to his home so can be a little wary of new people, when someone arrives he will stand behind his owner until he feels happy to meet them, sometimes he will bark until he feels settled.
Heinz is a very cuddly boy and will happily sit on your lap, his owners are convinced that he thinks he is a lapdog.
He hasn’t met any horses, sheep or livestock so his reactions are unknown, the family does have chickens and he does show too much interest in them to be trusted.

Heinz is currently in Hampshire and will be rehomed with his free 5 weeks Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you believe that you could offer this gorgeous, cuddly boy the exercise and company that he loves please contact GSP Rescue UK. 💜Our Terms and conditions apply.