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Jasper II

Origin: UK / Age: 9 Years

Jasper is now staying at home with his family after suffering a seizure yesterday which could explain his recent change in behaviour.
He is now on medication and having lots of extra cuddles.
We wish Jasper a long and happy life with his family and hope his medication works wonders for him.

This very handsome chap is Jasper and he is believed to be around 9 years of age.
He was adopted from a rescue shelter over 7 years ago and has been living with his owners and a female Springer cross Patterdale who he loves.
Sadly we need to find Jasper a new home as a matter of urgency because Jasper is suffering with separation anxiety and even though the times he can be left varies he can cause damage when really stressed.

Jasper loves long walks off lead, swimming, cuddles and retrieving his ball, he has good basic training and a good recall he always comes back when called. 😎
He travels well and is a very loyal boy.
Jasper can be nervous in stressful situations and can be reactive to dogs he’s afraid of when on lead, off lead he’s fine playing with them. Like many dogs he doesn’t like fireworks.
Jasper hasn’t met any young children so his reactions are unknown however he has met older children and he was calm around them. He hasn’t had any interactions with livestock so his reaction is again unknown, so careful introductions would be needed.
We do know that he will chase cats and loves sniffing about in the bushes and hunting for rabbits.

Jasper is a happy, healthy boy, he does have a lump on his stomach but that has been checked regularly over a period of years by his vet.
Handsome Jasper is currently in the Merseyside area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Rehoming Contract.
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