GSP Rescue UK

Julia & Marley

Origin: Spain / Age: 5 Years

Julia & Marley need a loving HOME TOGETHER. This gorgeous sister and brother were rescued by a small organisation when they were about 6 months old. They’ve been in rescue kennels in Seville, Spain ever since - over 4 years. They are now 5 years old 😔. They have been well cared for but because they need a home together, they’ve had no interest and no offers of a loving home. It’s time they had their own family - so that’s why we’ve decided to try to help them 🤞🏼.
Julia & Marley are happy pointer crosses. They are great with other dogs, who they mix with lots in the kennels they are at. They have been around children, with no problems, so we could consider a home with dog savvy children and experienced owners. Julia is a bit reliant on her brother and that’s why their rescue wanted them to stay together.
They know their name and have some basic recall, in enclosed areas, but their new family would need to work on this and build it up slowly, before letting them off lead. They’ve done some walking on leads but would also benefit from training. They’ve lived in outdoor kennels in recent times but before the kennel owners moved places, they’d lived some time indoors. They may, therefore, be partly/fully house trained.
Their rescuers say they’ve had some time alone but maybe not in a home. So this will need to be developed gradually. We also don’t know how they’d be with cats or livestock.
Their adopters need to be prepared to invest time and patience in their training, and giving them exercise, mental stimulation and plenty of love💜.
Julia & Marley have recently had all their vaccinations and tests redone and are in full health. They are also both neutered. They will travel with all the appropriate vaccinations and Defra compliant paperwork.
Julia & Marley will be rehomed with 5 weeks free Agria insurance and under our full GSP Rescue UK adoption contract. If you feel you could give this happy pair a wonderful home, please get in touch. Even if we already have your form - please let us know if you are interested.
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