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Origin: UK / Age: 6 years

This gorgeous boy is 6 year old Kaiser, he is a happy, playful boy who’s lovely family have had to make this heartbreaking decision to find him a new home due to ill health.
Kaiser is wonderful with other dogs and will happily play if invited to or can appear aloof if they don’t want to play. He has lived with two rescued Chihuahuas who both boss him around but he has never once answered them back.
He has been brought up around children and is very kind and gentle with them.
He does have a high prey drive and will chase anything that moves like rabbits, deer, squirrels etc he hasn’t met livestock so careful introductions would be needed, he loves his long walks and runs and will happily go with anyone who will take him.
Kaiser has on several occasions cut his pads and ripped his claws, resulting in surgery to repair them, while he has been very good at the vets, he will now growl if you try and dry his paws, so desensitisation with lots of paw touching and rewarding will be needed to help Kaiser over this fear.
Kaiser is fine to be left for a couple of hours after a good run and will happily just cuddle on the sofa until you get home.
Kaiser has suffered with his stomach and his owners have just had an ultrasound, X-ray and blood tests to try to get to the bottom of it, but he’s been given the all clear and treated for a gastrointestinal infection.
Kaiser loves being with you and will happily jump in the car on any errands or journeys that you do.
This is Kaisers second home after he was rescued from living in an outside toilet with no bedding or company, he had open sores and was very thin. His family nursed him back to health and have spoilt him rotten ever since.
We are looking for a home where Kaiser can carry on being the centre of someone’s world, where he can have long walks and lots of love and attention, he would love another dog for company or someone who is around the majority of the time.
Kaiser is currently in the Somerset area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you can give him the attention he’s looking for a please contact us
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