GSP Rescue UK


Origin: Corfu / Age: 3 Years

Summer 2018
Karmen is thriving in her life at teh coast. She has so many doggie friends, she is constantly socialising . She has doggie siblings and is loving her life!
Update January 2018 - Karmen has an amazing life. She has become a central part of her family and has a huge amount of fun out in the dunes and on the local beach with her doggie sister and brother, and mum and dad. She also walks with lots of other dogs in her area. Her condition has continued to improve and she is now gleaming.

February 2017 - Karmen is a young spayed female approximately 3 years in age.
She is an unknown girl that was befriended by some caring ladies in Corfu, where she has been surviving by living on the streets and scrounging for food.
The local hunters were very interested in this young girl and thankfully she managed to escape their clutches just after these
photographs were taken.
Her saviours caught Karmen, who was relieved to see someone willing to feed her. They took her to a vet where she had various tests, then she was given a place of safety in a shelter.
This is Karmen on her way to the vets, her carer is making sure that she is secure and safe in what could be her first time in a car.
Karmen's blood work came back from the vets with excellent results showing negative for all diseases.
She is now waiting for vaccinations for her passport to be completed and to be spayed. Then she will be coming into foster with Deb Seeley in Wales in the UK, where she will be fully accessed and her training and retraining will start.
Karmen wouldn't have lived in a home before, so will need time to get acclimatised to a home way of life. She will have a GSP foster brother and sister who are very experienced with helping GSP's like Karmen settle into a very new way of family life. They will become her mentors and playmates.
We will be posting more information about Karmen as and when we receive it. We will not be actively looking for a home for her until we know what type of home would be best suited to her. But please keep her in your thoughts and wish her well because life is about to change beyond all recognition for Karmen.
We are working alongside Pointer Rescue Services to bring Karmen to her new life and would like to thank them and Apollo's Angels for bringing us together with her saviours.
It is wonderful to be all working together for the good of our dogs

6th March 2017.
Well what a busy time I've been having in my foster home
Not all good I might add!
I found a whole new land, it's called "Upstairs"
Up there they put me in the bath and gave me a shower. I was not expecting that!! But I was really good and I loved being dried, that's my favourite thing.
Then today after our very wet Spring walk I went to meet Ben the vet, that was great fun, they just leave food on the floor for you to see. I sat beautifully everytime I was asked.
I met lots of dogs and some cats - Not so sure about those they just all hissed at me.( I even got myself weighed, I'm 28.5kg)

After the vets visit we went to town, it was my first time and met lots of people who all seemed to have treats for me.It was great xXx
But then on the way back to the car I spotted something really scary. So I had to have a closer look, then a much closer look. Ive seen quite a few sheep and lambs on my walks but none like that? Lots of people laughed when they saw me investigating.. I think I was very brave ...

After my exhausting day I'm now taking myself off to bed in my crate. I like my crate and I sleep all night. It's like my own special bedroom.
Loves and licks Karmen xXx

7th March 2017
I have been the busiest girl.
I went on my very first GSP group walk on the weekend, it was great fun nearly 30 GSP's, all ages from 12 weeks right up to 12 1/2 years, boys and girls all having fun together.. Plus the parentals all bring the nicest treats.

I had great fun meeting loads of new friends, I also met auntie Kerry who is part of the rescue team with Pip and Ella they were lovely xXx

I have just had some visitors of my very own, they came to play with me and guess what, they gave me lots of juicy treats! I was VERY excited to see them, foster mum said a little too excited to start with.
But then I settled down very quickly and even sat for my treats, after the treats were all eaten I went and sat down and just went to the girls when they called me, I was an angel So I'm told...

I had some lovely cuddles and plenty of stroking which I LOVED. Little people are the best especially dog savvy ones

18th March 2017
Hi everyone!!!
Look at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was such a good girl today, mum gave me 2 walks off lead, I LOVED it! Kassie is teaching me a lot now, about where we go, what to do when mum asks us to come back, how we meet other people and dogs, I'm making lots of friends already, Kassie looks out for me too to make sure I'm alright. I relax a lot more now in my new home, it's lovely to know that Kassie and Bronson are with me so I feel like I can have a good relax and rest, I snuggle up on my bed with Kassie and Bronson beside me, it's lovely XX