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Origin: UK (Cyprus originally) / Age: 5 Years

Summer 2018
Kingsley has a wonderful life. He loves his siter Lola and the help eachother lots. His mum loves him to bits.
August 2017 - Kingsley has now been re-homed and has a new sister called Lola. He still lives in Scotland.

August 2017 - We are working very closely with our good friends at Rehoming Cyprus Pointers to find a new home for these two lovely dogs, Daizy and Kingsley.
They are being rehomed through no fault of their own and are very much loved by their dad who has had to make this heart breaking decision to find them a new home due to a change in his personal circumstances.
Kingsley is 5 years of age and was brought to the UK by his dad as a puppy. He needed surgery in Cyprus for a badly broken front left leg, which is still wonky, however this doesn't stop him from running around at full speed on it. It causes him no pain or discomfort.
Kingsley is very happily living with a GSP brother and sister, he likes to meet and play with other dogs and is very friendly to people. He has never lived with children, but is happy to meet them and be fussed by them when out and about on his walks. Because of this we will only rehome Kingsley to older dog savvy children that are used to a 40kg GSP bouncing around!
Kingsley is neutered, vaccinated and holds a pet passport. He will not be rehomed to anyone with cats as he will chase them. He has had no introduction to livestock, so we don't know how he will react around them.
He does from time to time have a build up of wax in his ear and this will need to be routinely cleaned so that it doesn't cause him any problems, he is happy to let his dad do this, even quite enjoys it. Kingsley is fed dry food/kibble three times a day.
Both Kingsley and Daizy will also need ongoing training regarding their recalls, at the moment they follow their brother back to their dad when he is called, but without the lead of their brother they both find it very difficult to come away from a scent when called. So this will need work by someone who understands a high prey drive and can build it up while their confidence with their new owner is growing.
They are both very loving, cuddly dogs who are used to a lot of fuss and attention, so will both be looking for this in their new home.
They will both come with 5 weeks free Insurance and our rehoming contract. If you feel that you could offer these two lovely dogs the loving home that they are looking for please message us with your email address so that we can send you out one of our Adoption Interest Forms.
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