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Origin: UK / Age: 7 years

30/06/21 This is a very time sensitive Rehoming, so we will be looking to move Lily as soon as possible.
Lily is a stunning ex breeding bitch her date of birth is 2014 so she is no longer of a breeding age.
She’s very sweet and no one have heard her bark once since her carers have been looking after her.
Shes excellent at walking on the lead and gets very excited to go for a walk.
Shes very good with other dogs after living in a kennel environment with dogs of all ages.
Lily is supposed to be around 28/30kg. But due to stress she has lost weight quickly and is around 23kg at the moment.
Lily traveled really well, she was excellent in the car and just curled up and went to sleep.
She happily watches livestock but not overly excited by them. Her reactions around cats are unknown.
She’s a little wary of young children screaming, but very happy to see older children who she can be fussed and cuddled by.
Lily is fed dried food at the moment, Field and Trials twice daily. Her vaccinations we believe are all up to date, she’s had flea and worm treatments and appears to be in very good health, she hasn’t been neutered yet, which we are aware of and we will be covering that cost when she is ready to be neutered.
She was rehomed from the breeder, with another female the same age and moved into the new home together. But Lily and one of the other 4 resident females didn’t get along so she’s staying in a stable temporarily, hence the urgency of Lily’s adoption.
Lily is a kind, friendly, loving girl who is looking for her very own happy ever after with someone prepared to help her adjust to a new way of life and to educate her about her new world. Lily is currently in the Cambridge area and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance, our Adoption Contract and with with neutering costs covered.
If you have a GSP size gap on your sofa and want a walking companion please contact us.
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