GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 4 months

July 2021
Loula is a gorgeous 4 month old little female who is looking for a new home because her lovely mum is having to go back to work full time and she suffers from severe separation anxiety, which makes this rehoming very time sensitive.
Loula has been going to puppy socialisation classes every week, so is very well socialised for her age, she is also living with a 5 year old little girl who she adores and is very good gentle with. She loves all other dogs and will happily try and play with them, she can be a little shy with new things, but as soon as she works out that everything is fine she’s happy again.
Loula is quite a quiet but playful little girl, who’s owner has spent a lot of time with her and knows that Loula won’t be able to cope at home alone or even in the kennels at her work. She does howl if left and has also gone to the toilet when she’s been left for even the shortest period. Her owner has been working on distancing and alone time and it has already starting to work, but being a busy mum with a full time job she’s not going to be able to keep up the training that she’s already started.
Loula is looking for an experienced home with an older dog for company and to help as a mentor, also someone who works from home or will be around to continue her separation training.
Loula is vaccinated, toilet trained and travels very well, she can only have several short walks daily because of her young age. (We recommend 20 minutes plus 5 minutes per month, so around 40 minutes spread across the day, with mental stimulation and training time on top)
If you feel that you have the time to spend helping Loula reach her full potential please contact us.
Loula is currently in the Sheffield area and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our full Adoption Contract.
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