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Origin: Serbia / Age: 2 Years

This very handsome youngster is lovely Ludo. He has just turned 2 year of age, he’s a GSP cross that originated from Serbia where he was found with his litter mates at a few weeks old. The pups were all rescued and taken to a pension (like a foster environment) where they remained until they were fully health tested and vaccinated and we were able to move them to the UK to their new homes at 9 months old.

Ludo has been in his lovely home since arriving, he happily lives with his cat who he adores but can bully, a female spaniel and children.
In the home Ludo is playful, very loving and likes nothing better than cuddles. He loves playing with the children, but can get over excited and starts to mouth them but has never bitten them. He can also become demanding and they believe dominant when he wants someone to play ball or tug toy with him, by tugging at their clothes putting it on their laps and barking.

Ludo has a very high prey drive and all the training that his family have put into him is completely ignored when he sees movement or finds a scent, whether it’s a bird, squirrel or livestock. His current owners exercise him on a long line as they live a rural lifestyle with far too many exiting things to chase. He can get over excited where he barks and yelps. He has chased small furries when off lead and has run off completely focused on what he was chasing appearing unaware of his environment . Recently he slipped out of his car as the family were getting him out of his crate and ended up on a busy road, but being in an overly heightened state, he couldn’t even react to his owners whistle or their voices calling him.

However when Ludo visits a close family member at their small holding he has been taught to leave their chickens alone and can play without fixating on them.
His family have spent time training with Ludo and take him jogging and play fly-ball which he is brilliant at, leaping up and catching the ball high in the air, he would probably be excellent at agility too if it was indoors away from birds and scents.
He is very friendly and sociable with all the other dogs and will happily play with them.
He can be fearful of strangers especially in hats and random things like a lamp post or a wheelie bin, he will either bark at them or hide behind his owners.

Ludo is healthy, vaccinated and neutered, he is a good traveller and knows many commands, which he responds to very well, when there aren’t more interesting things to catch his attention.
If you feel you could offer this gorgeous youngster the safe, loving environment with lots of training and exercise that he loves please contact us.
Ludo is currently in the Newcastle area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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