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Origin: UK / Age: 16 Months

This stunning little girl is 16 month old Luna, she is very sweet and currently in a foster home after her owners had to make the sad decision to rehome her when their post-covid jobs and work hours changed drastically.
She has recently been neutered and has had her vaccination restarted.
Luna has never lived as an only dog, she loved the company of her 5-year-old previous canine companion and is currently loving living with two GSPs a 13-year-old and 3-year-old. She is a very respectful girl after spending time while growing up at a family members doggy daycare which she loved and walking with several dogs with a dog walker.
Luna is also very good with children and has lived with two very young children, however, she will jump up if given the opportunity, she particularly likes children who will throw her ball and play with her.
If out on a walk she sees something that she's not sure about she does give a bark, then checks to see how the other two are reacting, when she sees they are fine she's happy to go up to the statue, ornament or road sign, etc to investigate further โ˜บ๏ธ
She also makes the funniest grumbling noises almost like she's giving you a telling off, when you come home or come downstairs, while she's carrying a toy in her mouth to show you, it's very cute and if she can't find you a toy she brings anything that's available, shoes, cushions etc.
Luna has lost most of her left ear and has had surgery to her right ear making it smaller after an incident when she was a newborn. This doesn't affect her hearing in any way, but it does mean that she doesn't have the protection of the ear flap when she's sticking her head in bushes, fences and grasses etc. so it will need checking that nothing has got caught inside. Our vets have checked both her ears and both are perfect.
Luna is great with other dogs out on a walk, she makes her grumbly noise and wants to play, she's been introduced to sheep on lead and watched them and sniffed them, then happily walked away. She does pull on lead especially on a harness, so has been using a Gencon or slip lead, but this will need ongoing training. She does have a good recall to two pips on the whistle and to her name, even quicker if you wave her ball.
She travels very well in a harness on the backseat and will just watch out of the window until she falls asleep.
She has always been raw fed, usually 400g twice daily which she really enjoys.
Luna is a very active, playful 24kg youngster who will be too much for many older dogs, she is excellent with Baylor at 13, but he is an experienced and tolerant foster brother. She is perfect with 3-year-old Livvy, follows her lead as a mentor and gaining confidence from her, but they also play very well together, quite full-on, fast and furious on times.
Luna short for Luna-tic ๐Ÿ˜„is a very loving, cuddly girl who loves attention and long walks.
If you feel you have the time and experience to continue her training and the canine companionship that she loves, please contact us.
Luna is currently in Abergavenny South Wales and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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