GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 12 weeks

September 2018
We have worked with the breeder of this very sweet little girl to find Megan a very specific loving home.
Meg is a special needs pup because she was born blind, she has very small under developed globes and a third eyelid that hasn't opened, the vet suspects micropthalmos.
We knew of such a home with one of our own team and as soon as we described Meg to her she and her husband jumped at the opportunity of giving this little girl the chance to be a normal, happy, boisterous GSP 😍
Meg has now been in her new home with Molly and Maisy for two days and has settled in very quickly. She now knows her route around the garden and back into the house 😍😍 she also knows where all the treats are kept 😁
Maisy has taken her role as big sister very seriously and washes and cuddles little Meg 💕
When she is old enough Meg will be following her new sisters by starting her bronze, silver and gold Kennel Club obedience awards, then when she's a much bigger girl her mum is looking at introducing her to ability in their field.
Meg is a very outgoing, happy, playful pup and we can't wait to watch this little Beauty grow into a huge part of our rescue 💖we are sure there will be lots of updates on Megs progress and we will keep you all posted..
Have a great life sweetheart 💖💝💖