GSP Rescue UK

Megan II

Origin: UK / Age: 5 Years

None of you have met gorgeous Meg yet. We had to find a foster for her very quickly just over 7 weeks ago. There wasn’t time to post her, so we asked GSP owners who lived near enough to help us. Here’s her UPDATE from her (failed) foster mum 😊🐾...

Well Meg has been with us now for just over 7 weeks, initially as a foster, but we’re pants at that and she is now part of the family!! Unfortunately her owner was unable to look after her any longer due to ill health & GSP Rescue UK contacted me to ask if I could offer an emergency foster home to her. She was very timid, still is around people she doesn’t know, & quite weak due to lack of exercise. She loves other dogs & wants to make friends with every one. We went to Dogfest & spent the first couple of hours pulling her away from nearly every dog that crossed her path.... that was exhausting. She settled down eventually and even managed to get a 3rd in the best rescue at the dog show!! She loves her walks and bounces when I get the collars & leads. She has made a fabulous companion for our other rescue GSP, Ted, & her health has improved so much that she can almost keep up with him! Because he’s so well behaved, she has been easy to train & loves learning, just simple things like high fives. Her recall wasn’t great; I was beginning to think she was deaf, but she now responds well to the whistle & eagerly awaits her treat! She is the most loving girl & will actually lay on top of you & then slip off just to make sure she can’t get any closer! We took her away to Cornwall in the motorhome & she loved it! We’re looking forward to lots more adventures with her & Ted. 🥰

We all love a failed foster 😆. We were so grateful that Ted’s family could help us at short notice and now, over the moon that they’ve decided to make Meg a permanent part of their lovely family 💜🐾🤗